MacBook Pro and DV7tQE for college/personal

Well two days ago after the release of the sandy bridge, I knew I wanted the dv7tqe espeically after I went and tried the same model but without all the new stuff, at BestBuy. The dv6tqe just wasn't as good as the dv7 not just because of the feel but because it was lacking in the cool stuff department besides for its backlit keys and 10 hour battery.

Then I went to Best last night, and was retesting the dv6 and dv7, and best buy now has a mac section, so I wanted to the macbook air. I ended up trying the mac book pro, and a "MaC" showed me some of the stuff it could do, because I have never used snow leopard.

But overall apperance and feel, the macbook pro, was hands down. THe only reason I don't pick it, is because they are using what I feel is a dead technology, intel core two and nvidia 320m graphics. That compared to sandy bridge i7 2630QM and 6570 GPU, it is a no brainer as far as performance.

So pretty much I need a laptop, I want to spend around 1000+, and I my main concerns is having a long battery, reliable and able to be my laptop at least through junior college, which is going to take me 3 years cuz of pre req's.

I built a desktop instead of buying a 27" iMac back in September, so really I don't need something that can play games at school, or convert movies faster, because my desktop could do that.
Main programs would be word processing, INTERNET(reseach, browsing, loging in to schooll etc.), multi-tasker, and comfortable key and mouse for long over nighters.

Obviously they both fit into my needs, but I am afriad if I get mac then in April, or next year, it will be obsolute, because the chip is already 3 years old. Then I will also need to invest in parrells or boot camp to use MS word, or buy iWork.

I am afraid that the DV7t, would be to much to carry around all day and the battery wouldn't last me a day at school of studing. If I were to be plugged in then I would literally have my desktop on the go, but I have been stuck to an outlet for the last year and it sucks!

Anyways, I just wanted some opinions on the matter, sometimes I think the mac idea is stupid, but it just feels right when using it cause the mouse and keyboard are super. The dv7 is the obvious one to get, hard core future proof, hardcore power, and is just a mini desktop.
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  1. For your needs,MBP 13" is a good choice.If you'll be only using OS X(with the exception of few apps that require windows),then don't worry too much about the specs because Apple doesn't update the specs as fast as Windows manufacturers.
    Also,OS X and Windows are quite different.OS X is more efficient in term of using the installed hardware.
  2. well, have you looked into getting a better battery for the DV7t so that it would last longer
  3. If you are only doing what you described just buy a nice core i5 460m at most.Check out if you have a membership. You get 90 days to try out and return. Save your money. For what you are describing 7-800 would get you a great 14" to 15.6" windows 7 laptop. As one who left windows in the past thinking the grass was greener in Cupertino (Apple) and returned to windows realizing their stuff was only a little cooler in some areas, but a whole lot more expensive and with mediocre specs at best for the inflated prices. Stick with windows 7 and use your main rig for your labor intensive stuff. I had a 2010 macbook pro i5 with 330m(1800 bucks) and it was a major rip off IMO. I sold it on craigslist and just bought the HP 4290us at costco for 1100 with the new sandy bridge 2630qm, 6570gpu, 8gbram, bluray, 1tb hdd,etc for 700 less and WAAAY better value and performance than Apple. Save your money. My friends core i5 460 for 800 outperformed my i5 macbook pro. what a joke.
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