Is my computer doomed with instability for ever?

here is my system:
Duron 800
Kingmax PC150 ram (128 megs)
Maxtor 14.2 gig ATA-66 hard drive
3com NIC
Aureal 2500 sound card
and an ATi AIW rage 128 pro.

I get the strangest occurances with this setup and would like to attempt to solve my problems.
The main problem I get pissed with so much is any time my computer crashes and is not shut down from windows it will not display anything on my monitor when it reboots. I have to un plug the power supply from the wall.
Also I'll just be in windows all "laddy da" and BAM the screen will suddenly go blank and I'll have to go through the hole first problem deal.
And If I decide to play a game its only for a few minutes because all of a sudden the system will just lock up or completely shut down.
The temperature probe shows 45 degrees celsius under basically a full load and I do have an extra case fan to blow air out of the server tower, hard drive is near the top, and powersupply has a fan under it to take more air out.
I'm debating taking the parts and selling them individually, and I hate to say it, but to get the AIW to work I might actually need a *gasp* intel system. Gosh i really don't want to have to put all my stuff into an intel system, I'd feel so horrible throwing my money away like that.
Well to get back to my point I just need to know how to solve my problems.
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  1. If you think changing processors will solve your issue then by all means get a Intel and find out.

    I think your motherboard is set wrong
    if it wont shut down from windows its 1 windows
    2 power managment set wrong
    3 you dont know what your doing at all

    It could be something as simple as a few things set wrong
    a conflict with your sound card and video card
    or even a IDE cable

    Made sure everything is set properly latest drivers
    Windows Update for Critical Patches

    and Try windows me or 2000

    I have a similar setup as you with no problems at all
    but i mean another thing is flash your bios to the latest version..
  2. <b>Aureal 2500 sound card</b>
    What driver you use with your sound card. I had similar problem when installing Diamond Monster Sound MX300 until I changed to reference driver from Aureal (
  3. I had a very similar problem, never found out what it was but swapping the mobo resolved it.
  4. CPU temp. looks ok. You've got either an IRQ conflict, bad drivers, bad motherboard (ABIT boards have their issues), wrong settings in BIOS. You have good memory. Is it the TinyBGA variety? Good stuff! I doubt very highly it's the processor.

    If you can, why don't you do a clean install of the OS with only the video card installed. Start with the most basic configuration and go through a process of elimination to find the source of the problem. What IRQ is the serial controllers (USB) using? Make sure, if it's enabled, it's not conflicting with anything else in your system.
  5. My bet is the Aureal sound card. There's a reason we only sell creative. Also, I find that alot of people stuff there PCI slot right below there AGP slot full with there cound card, NIC or other and be aware that a lot of boards share resources between AGP#1 and PCI#1. So if you have any cards set up like that, make sure you spread them apart. If all else fails, try the part by part troubleshooting mentioned above.

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  6. go with Intel and your migraines will go away. AMD sells substandard/faulty products, look in the faulty prod area.

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  7. well I looked at the vortexofsound web site and got the drivers from there, and I do have all the correct drivers, and I put my NIC and soundcard in the slots other people on this forumn recomended. when I installed windows 98se on it 2 weeks ago the only cards inside were the video card and the NIC because it kept blue screening during the install with the sound card inside. The device manager shows no errors or IRQ conflicts either.
    I have set up another via chipset computer on an asus A7V with a tbird 700 overclcoked to 800 and that computer has no problems, but then again it has a soundblaster audio card and geforce256 video card.
    Do you guys happen to know if the kt133a chipset has less problems with aureal and ATi? because if it does I might buy that instead of throwing my money away for a more compatible intel chipset.
  8. It could be something the network. My old computer used to wait for ages in the shutting down screen, when all the network protocols were loaded, but it wasn't actually connected to the network. According to the net admin in my workplace, it waits for aok from the network before shutting down. if there is no aok, then it just times out and then shuts down.

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  9. I built my friend a Tbird 900 and KT7 system. The strange thing about the KT7 is that the soft menu has to be set to the right cpu speed in the bios or the computer doesnt reboot after saving the bios settings. You have to unplug it and cold boot it for it to run again. This is just something that I dealt with. Once I set the Soft Menu III in Bios to a Tbird 900 all was good. I didnt try to install an OS before I fixed the setting in BIOS so im not sure how it would affect stability, still something to check out. Good luck.

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  10. The Aureal drivers are outdated, Diamond uses them as well (an even OLDER version)! ALL VIA chipsets have some compatablility issues. There is no direct compatability issues with Intel chipsets, the driver does not recognise the type of PCI bus on the 815 though, requiring a minor driver modification (removal of a semicolon from a command line).

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  11. I've always had problems with Ati, especially Ati + Voodoo2.
    After I overclocked the Ati board with a 16 oz hammer, everything worked perfectly.
  12. Start simple. For the love of god get your NIC card out of there and go to the control panel and delete all the drivers etc. Restart/Refresh. You should basically be trying to get your computer running with only the video card in there first. So get it all out of there. Restart.

    Double check all your connectors. Double check to make sure you have the newest drivers. Check and see if you need a new bios.

    Go to your bios and reset it. Restart. Set your memory speed to 133 if that's what your running. Restart. See if your computer still has problems.

    At this point we have narrowed it down so that it's not the sound and nic if you still have problems.

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