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Hello,will cubase 5 essential work with lexicon omega..im running windows 7 home premium 64 bit..cubase LE..won,t run..drivers out of date..no updates..cubase essential supports asio drivers so im hoping it will...
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  1. The problem is the lexicon driver. It looks like it is asleep when you open Cubase 5.
    The make it work-->

    1-open cubase 5
    2-load your project
    3-choose generic driver low-latency*****press enter
    4-chosse omega asio driver ****presse enter

    And you should be able to work with your omega lexicon card. *Dammed, i'm not even paid to find the solutions instead of those incompetent lexicon programmers*

    You'll find the same driver issues with Audition 3 and a lot of guitar emulation software.
  2. Please let us know if someone finds any new solution or better ones!
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