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[crawl] YACD - Insanity is hoping for the World Darts Cham..

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May 19, 2005 9:05:21 PM

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Someone mentioned recently that no one has won with a Very Crazy Person
or Dungeon Master. Well I searched, and I didn't see any World Darts
Champions either. So Insanity is going for the Championship, with an
option for Very Crazy Spriggan instead.

Any requests on which route I try? Not that I'll probably make either

Things have gone very well so far. The blowgun is far more powerful
with a spriggan than I could have imagined. I've got pretty solid
equipment, although I could use a more useful amulet. (Rage would only
be useful for an emergency retreat). I've got about 400 stones stored
up at the beginning of the lair, as I imagine ammo will be the big
obstacle for a Very Crazy Person (level 27 slings). When I quaff IDed
mutation, it gave me three pretty good ones. And I've found three
potions of stats as well. Plus I've got a bow of frost for trolls and
imps that I just can't kill with darts.

I'm thinking I'll probably start saving up ammo of whichever type I'll
ultimately go for, and use it only with experience to burn. I'll
probably use bows or rods (if I find one) to kill tougher stuff my main
projectile can't handle.

One question. I soure dove a bit to look at the sling and darts damage
code. It didn't look like they have the same dependancy on strength as
bows do. Making them good for a spriggan. But it was very confusing.
Does anyone have any idea how it works?

Dungeon Crawl version 4.0.0 beta 26 character file.

Insanity the Hurler (Spriggan)
(Level 11 Assassin)

Play time: 06:57:10 Number of turns: 22704

Experience : 11/11449
Strength 11 Dexterity 24 Intelligence 12
Hit Points : 45 Magic Points : 21
AC : 6 Evasion : 14 Shield : 0
GP : 192

You are on level 12.
You worship Elyvilon.
Elyvilon is most pleased with you.
You are not hungry.

Hand weapons
a - a +3,-2 dagger
b - a +5,+1 blowgun (weapon)
n - an uncursed runed bow of frost
f - 4 poisoned needles
p - 23 poisoned needles
t - 116 darts
u - 61 arrows
W - 33 poisoned orcish needles
i - a +2 elven cloak (worn)
l - a +2 robe (worn)
Magical devices
k - a wand of flame
w - 3 chokos
E - a scroll of detect curse
F - 2 scrolls of teleportation
h - a ring of protection from cold
q - an amulet of rage (around neck)
r - the ring "S W Nufe" (right hand)
This ring provides protection from the effects of poisons and venom.

It affects your strength (+3).

C - a ring of protection from fire (left hand)
J - a ring of fire
m - 2 potions of healing

You have 94 experience left.

+ Level 1 Fighting
- Level 2 Short Blades
+ Level 6 Slings
+ Level 2 Bows
+ Level 13 Darts
+ Level 7 Throwing
+ Level 8 Dodging
- Level 5 Stealth
- Level 3 Stabbing
- Level 4 Traps & Doors
+ Level 1 Spellcasting
+ Level 2 Evocations

You have 12 spell levels left.
You don't know any spells.

Mutations & Other Weirdness
Your muscles are strong (Str +2).
You are agile (Dex +1).
Your flesh is cold resistant.
You are resistant to magic.
Your muscles are flexible (Dex +1), but weak (Str -1).
May 19, 2005 11:15:06 PM

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I vote darts champ just because you seem to have a better start on it.
May 20, 2005 2:06:13 PM

Archived from groups: (More info?)

Well, Insanity isn't dead, but close to it.

I went down a couple levels into the lair. I was getting frustrated
with how many tough poison resistant creatures I was encountering. A
spriggan can kill a spiny frog with darts but it takes a long freaking
time. They were actually worse than the 7 headed hydra I killed on
Lair 3.

So I decided to go to the Mines. Orcs aren't poison resistant after
all, should be easy. And it was for a while. But there are an awful
lot of orcs, and the first couple floors cost me maybe a third of my
needles and half my darts.

Then I encountered an orc warlord. I can't remember EVER seeing one of
those before. Still, didn't sound like it would have a ranged attack
or poison resistance, so I figured easy EPs.

It took about 8 needles to get him double-poisoned. I finished off his
priestly escorts and got him to moderate without much trouble. But
then he seemingly stopped taking damage. I had to lure him up higher.
On level 2, two priests, a wizard, and a warrior spawned in the
previously cleared area between the stairs. Somehow, I survived that,
and got him, alone, out of the Mines. For some reason, outside the
mines, orcs still kept spawning on me. I think I killed 5, 2 of which
were priests. The warlord wasn't taking any more damage. I figured he
was probably unpoisoned, so I shot like 20 needles and a few poisoned
darts at him. No poisoning. I chucked about two thirds of my darts
and needles at him. He might have dipped briefly into heavily wounded
in that time.

Then it happened.

I was throwing an awful lot of darts at him, you understand. In order
to throw a dart at him, I had to select an item slot each time. Really
it was inevitable.

I threw my wand of lightning at him.

It was my only wand with any charges left. (And yes, I tried it on
him; it wasn't accomplishing much.)

A level 12 spriggan tends to have somewhere in the neighborhood of
45-50 hitpoints and no electricity resistance. A wand of lightning
might, on any given zap, just to pick one number out of many
possibilities, do 25 damage to such a spriggan. Fortunately, a
spriggan will dodge nearly all bolts of lightning.

I didn't dodge the bolt of lightning.

I think I'll be avoiding that area for a while.

I am in a rather bad position. I'm really low on darts, and totally
out of poisoned needles. I could get a lot back if I ever get rid of
that warlord. But I'm not trying the mines again without a supply of
needles. The lair doesn't look promising. I suppose I'm going deeper
in the dungeon, but that'll be no picnic either.

I'm switching to slings. Even though they're at half the skill, they
are already more effective against tougher creatures. And my throwing
is high enough now that not too many shots break.

Sorry that I don't have a dump. My home internet access was out last