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For all of your Problematic People read me!

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March 17, 2001 7:06:00 AM

So many posts on hardware issues and o.. maybe i will go buy a different processor to solve all my issues
well listen to this

1- Make sure your motherboard has the LATEST BIOS. *!* FLASH IT!!!!!!
2- Go through your manual, open it up and go in CMOS (BIOS) one setting at a time and make sure its all set properly
3- If you are using ANY version of WINDOWS, DO THE WINDOWS UPDATE, there are CRITICAL updates there that are problems of a lot of issues i see on here
4- Make sure all your hardware has the Latest Drivers, Bus Mastering and AGP drivers installed.
5- If your having Lockups etc... take out your sound card and network card, see if they are the cause
6- Make sure your Power Managment is set Properly and check for Conclitcs in the Device Manager ...

7- Take a deep breath, its always something simple

Hell i have seen a BAD ide Cable cause lockups on a friends system the ide worked but was shorting out or something

Troubleshoot people
You Build Systems yourself but one bump in the road and you dont troubleshoot and panic
If your so worried go to a computer store and get them to install it all

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March 17, 2001 9:23:33 PM

It's always something simple. That's the beauty of it!

- don't flash your bios though unless you have a specific problem that that new bios will fix. The exception might be the Asus A7V motherboards that definitely take advantage of each new revision.

- make sure you have a good HSF and you aren't overheating FIRST. This is especially true for the AMD platforms. If in doubt, don't keep running the computer until you are sure it is seated properly and you are good to go.

- Check with this board (and others) for good advice, but don't jump too quick on the first suggestion. Let it sit and get viewed by other people first. Sometimes people give bad advice and it's best that it be critisized before you use it.

- If all else fails. Spend the $30-$60 USD at a local computer store and have them spot the problem for you. It's not worth the grey hair or you making it worse, so get some real help if you can't get it to go. You will want to get the computer built and the problems solved before your return policy runs out or your warrenty expires.

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March 17, 2001 9:37:14 PM

And This has to be said:


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a b à CPUs
March 18, 2001 3:13:33 AM

and ignore "extremists" from any side of the board. example: if you have any kind of problem and have an amd system, amdmeltdown will blame amd. its not the chip, but he'll claim it is anyway....


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March 18, 2001 11:57:10 PM

Don't forget about Fugger and his fabricated facts. Ignore Fugger as well.
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