Pixel Issue on LCD

Hey guys I just wanted some quick feedback.

Here is my LCD (Asus PA24Q) with a Pixel issue


Yesterday this line formed on my screen and at it appears to be either hot or stuck pixels or something I don't know. It's a little over halfway up the screen and it really POPS when the screen is blue (it appears black) or it shows when the screen is white (it appears yellow) but it does fine with every other color. I see there DIY remedies you can do for individual pixels but this is a line of pixels. I tried software and that didn't help and I did a little bit of pressure but decided to stop until I got some guidance. Does anyone know what I can TRY to do? Or is there nothing I can do? There is no line on any other monitor so it's not the video card and a line is still there when another PC is plugged in.

This is under a 3 year warranty, unfortunately I moved to the Philippines and I'm waiting to hear if their service center here would be able to take care of it but I DOUBT IT. I won't be able to have this fixed for over a year if they can't fix it or fix it without charging a hefty fee if my warranty isn't valid in ASIA.

For the record, this monitor is really good but this is the 2nd monitor in a year that has had a bad pixel problem. I don't recommend it to anyone.
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  1. The display is failing, and there is nothing you can do but replace it or get it warranted.
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