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Is the an easy way to turn a laptop screen into a desktop monitor?

Last response: in Laptop Tech Support
January 14, 2011 1:50:22 AM

Can I turn my broken dv9000 (faulty gpu) laptop's screen into a desktop monitor?

I have a hp DV9000 laptop with the faulty nvidia graphics chip. I have played around with "repairing" it for a little while, but I have replaced the laptop with a new one. The screen is still good and its 1680x1050... I don't know what the cable that plugs into the mobo is called, but is there an adapter I could buy to convert it to vga? I realize I would still need to run power to the screen, so would the ac adapter work for that?

Any help would be great..... thanks

January 14, 2011 5:14:09 PM

hang-the-9 said:
There is no easy way to do this, there are no conversion kits in the retail market for this. But..

Thanks for your reply...

I looked at the link, but that method requires a working laptop. The gpu on my dv9000 has failed so that way wont work for me.
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