multiplier 1.2 266fsb t-birds?

Anyone know what the factory default
settigs are for 1.2 t-birds 266fsb?
They all are unlocked but if you don't have
multiplier settig bios proghrab, how els can
tou adjust the multiplier?
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  1. I'm guessing it would be 9x
    133x9=1197 (~ 1200)

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  2. Yup...It's definately 9x. You make the point that they are already unlocked. This is true because tbird B (100 FSB) and C (133 FSB) are the same darn chip, just with the multiplier turned down and the FSB turned up. As wusy said, you gotta have the right mobo for overclocking. The most popular are: Asus A7V133, Abit KT7A, Iwill KK266. If you don't have one of those, you probably won't be able to overclock. Want more info about your mobo? Post under Overclocking=>Motherboards. You proably shouldn't post under processors and talk about adjusting the multiplier...That's not where your post belongs.

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  3. I think 133FSB is actually 133.3333... MHz. So exactly 133.3333....*9 = 1200.
  4. "Actually The C version (266Mhz FSB) adds a bit more stuff to it so it runs cooler than the overclocked ones"

    where did you hear/read this?

    and what exactly is stuff?

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  5. Where did u see this?

    and adding transisters to the original design without taking any out will make it run hotter.

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  6. I think that you are just guessing that they added more transistors to it, when in fact, you don't really know, which is ok, don't be upset.

    Again, where did you see that they added more transisters?
    Posts a link or whatever, otherwise stop guessing.

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  7. Ok, so you are guessing :)

    That's ok, but, since you are 'reading reviews', 'supposedly' the cores are identical which means same number of transistors.

    Also, adding transistors is not an easy task, you can't just go about slapping them on with crazy glue..haha...that sounds funny (too much studying tonight)

    I don't think that they would change the core just to add a few resistors.

    Speaking of which, time to cram a little more for my final tommorow, which is......what do you know..... computer architecture!

    It's actually a really neat course and if you like learning about what the hell is going on inside the cpu, try to take a similar course.

    I just love arguing with the intel guys in that class... they still won't benchmark their comp's beside my tb800@933...haha...suckers.. :)

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