Old ASUS laptop and new (used) DVD drive / Problems

Hi all!

My old DVD drive (ATAPI) died in my ASUS laptop!
Bought a new used one on the same interface/specs, but when it's connected the HDD is not recognized by BIOS!
But the DVD drive works! What to do ? The DVD drive is not on the same connection (secondary) HDD is primary!
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  1. Sounds like an old master/slave conflict. Make sure your new DVD is configured (jumper) to support either cable select (CS) or slave. Good luck!
  2. Don't see any jumpers on the DVD drive only the ATAPI connection!
  3. What make/model of optical drive did you go with?
  4. It's a Toshiba SD-R2312!
    Found that the drive is set to Secondary Slave the original Panasonic drive to Secondary Master, is there a way to change this ? HDD is Primary Master. And disapears from BIOS when the Toshiba drive is present.
  5. Found the manual on-line and it provides no means to change settings, but since on the secondary channel, it shouldn't matter. Does your BIOS provide a means to reset to its default configuration? If so, that might reset everything.
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