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I just put togater a new system:kk266R/1Ghz Tbird/256meg 133 cas 2 crucial,Global 32 HSF, cheap TNT2 Video (will replace in a month). I unlocked the processor with a conductive pen and have been trying different settings. Overall the system runs cool, low to mid-30's. I seem to have stability issues when running at 133 FSB/ 7.5 or 8.0. The system will sometimes lockup (everything freezes and requires a cold boot) Yesterday the system ran all day without a problem then locked up in the evening, then this morning it crashed right away. Is this what typically happens when you push the system too far? I realize that these are really conseritive settings and am supprised to see these problems. I have tired adjusting the voltage but this did not seem to have any effect. The BIOS setting for memory is automatic (matches the fsb). Could the video card be the problem, or is there something else I could adjust. I would really like to get this thing running at 133fsb. Thanks!
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  1. Try 133FSB with a lower CPU multiple, to either rule out the CPU or rule in another possibility. Try 6.5 or 7.0 if stable then it is probably your CPU. Not all B athlons will run stable at 133FSB and at rated speed. Also another test is to use CAS3 setting for your memory. Make sure you set your interleave to 4 in bios for your memory. Also have you flashed your bios to the KK305 image which came out on the 5th of this month?
  2. What does the setting memory interleave to 4 do? I just updated my bios and the interleave is set to some sort of automatic setting, should I override this to 4?
  3. Yes, it will speed up your memory by refreshing a section (bank) at a time while the other banks will be available for data transfer. Believe it or not it adds stability also. I have the same ram, Crucial 256mb, PC133, CAS2, un-bufferred, non parity. After you update your bios it also updates all the settings to default. So you will have to change the settings back to desired configuration.
  4. Oh, I forgot, how many watts is your Power Supply? IMPORTANT, IMPORTANT. Is it AMD approved also?

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