T-bird 1.2GHz (266 FSB) - hot or happy?

hi all,
my first post here, so thanks to Tom and crew for the great new forum! ne way, i just got my NEW 1.2GHz T-bird/ASUS A7V133 m/b (running at 133MHz bus/memory clockspeed, 1.75 Vcore, and 3.3 VIO) assembled and burning-in this weekend. i am a little concerned about the cpu temp as it is a little higher than i expected. i have a big ole GlobalWin FOP38 together w/ a sliver of Arctic Silver II sitting atop my chip. w/ ASUS Probe i'm seeing a cpu temp of ~42 C at idle, and ~47 C at ~100% cpu utilization (using a hi res OpenGL screensaver under Win2K). i think the numbers appear about 10% higher than what i'd like to see. another peculiar thing is that i have also tried out an independent m/b monitoring utility called MBM5 and its reporting temps about 12% higher than ASUS Probe... yikes! i would tend to put more faith in ASUS Probe since its their board, but then... so bottom line, what kind of temps r u guys seeing w/ similar configs? ne clues as to whether my temps r OK? what about MBM5? i appreciate your insight. thanx!

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  1. I dont have a system like yours
    i have a Duron 800 118 fsb
    and my cpu temps rance from 38-43

    always 42-43C for me..
    Anything under 50 sounds good to me

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  2. I don't think you should be worried about those temperatures. On my (original) A7V with 1200MHz Athlon (B version) I get a CPU temperature of about 60°C using AsusProbe. Note that AsusProbe measures a higher temp than the bios does, this is to compensate for the fact that the sensor does not touch the CPU die. The bios temp I get is about 10°C lower than the probe temp.
    I now leave the side panel of my PC off to keep temperature a bit down. With the case opened the temp is about 5°C lower.
    b.t.w. I use the FOP32-I in combination with Arctic silver. I also tried the FOP38 but the noise was unbearable!

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  3. I have 1.0Ghz(266FSB) and it generates a load of heat too.. it measures 42C at idle, 49C at full load...
    I think it's way too hot.. i'm using coolermaster 6h51 with thermal pad removed and thermal grease is on the core.
    I can't imagine how much heat a 1.33Ghz TB will generate... It will require some kind of crazy cooler to make it run under 50C...
    AMD shouldn't be releasing 1.33Ghz version... my 1.0Ghz unit's heat is enough to make my summer worrysome..
    They should release the Palomino right away...
    This heat stuff with TBs are going crazy..
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