Asus replied to trust BIOS temp, not Probe

I am so happy today because Asus tech support replied to my email again. This time concerning CPU temperature.

I don't want to copy the email and put it here in case they are upset and wouldn't reply to me again, but anyway this is what they say.

TRUST the BIOS Readings, the Probe tends to have errors!!!

So all the bull [-peep-] about Probe adding this or that to compensate is wrong!!!!

Wow, I am so glad to know my 1333Mhz is only 37C hahahahah

Ohhh, I can't take this anymore, I am going to overclock more!!!! and I haven't increase CPU voltage yet on the A7V133

Good Luck to all overclockers!!!!! :)

Best regards
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  1. That's good to hear! If this is true they should start making work of a new version with correct readings!

    <i><font color=purple>Running within specs is the key to a stable computer!</font color=purple></i>
  2. its good when companies actually tell you the truth.

    now if only we could get HP reps to admit their product are [-peep-]. although i did get one HP guy to say that once, athough we were at the pub and both really pissed.

    i bought him a beer for his troubles :)


    Smoking is a major cause of statistics.
  3. It's a self limiting situation. There's a set of laws governing successful overclocking.

    1. Overclock as far as your computer remains stable.
    2. If your lights dim when you turn on your computer, you need another generator.
    3. If a capacitor explodes, don't use bare skin to handle it.
    4. Use silver before copper.

    If you're attempting to overclock your T850 to 1.5ghz, you can probably get the settings correct in the bios, and your computer might even POST. When it locks up on you, that ends the possibility for a sucessful overclock. Don't sweat your temperature if you're overclocking. Your computer will become unstable long before the core melts. If you're not overclocking, then you need to keep track of the temperature.

    Unless, of course, you will be keeping that cpu/ram/motherboard for the 10 years it's designed to last. I swap out (completely) at least every 3 years, more like 2.
  4. hahahha, look whos talking

    anyway, I change my PC more than once in a year, hahahaha

    Best regards
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