Can i sue best buy for breaking my laptop

hi want to know if i can sue best buy for wanting to charge me $375 for some thing i did not do so here is what happend. My hard drive went so they fixed it for free about a week later it stoped wroking so i took it in to best buy agin so they did there thing and like a 2 weeks leater they say i have fluid damge so my mother broad is shoot and my memry is shot but the funny thing is that my laptop was no ware neare fluids so iam pissed off that they tried to get me to pay that price affter they say it was free and that there was fluid damge but the frist guy i talked to says that my windows was not put on properly and that my frie wall was not trund on so they sent it out then when i heard about the fluid damge what shold i do.
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  1. When dealing with such matters concerning Best Buy, I'd go into the store and ask to speak with the store's GENERAL manager- not the manager. The general manager has the power to escalate the issue up the chain of command and make heads roll if necessary. If that doesn't work out, ask for the contact info for the GM's superior and discuss the issue with that individual.
  2. Hello fatesdesign;
    You can sue anybody for anything.
    It's not likely you could win though. Read the release form you signed when you dropped your laptop off at BestBuy. Almost certain to be some type of Release of Liability clause.

    Also it's not necessary to have the laptop near fluids - to get fluid damage. If you're outside on a rainy or hot humid day you might end up with condensation inside the laptop taking it inside a cool building.
  3. Please use punctuation. Hard to read without punctuation.

    Did Best Buy take any pictures showing liquid damage? Liquid damages is only possible to see if they open laptop to see the motherboard. Just opening the hdd cover is not enough.

    I know this kind of situation. I ran service dept at other computer store and saw many examples of soda, coffee spills.

    You have to talk to the store manager about your problem.
  4. my laptop has never ben out side at all and i will ask for phots of the fluid damge. i will speak with the GENERAL manager.
  5. iam going to ask them to open it in front of me
  6. The simple threat of a lawsuit is usually enough to get something. Not because you're gonna win, (you won't by the way), but because they want to avoid bad publicity.

    Talk to the general manager, stir some ***, that should be enough.

    And please, take your time to write a clear and understandable post.

    By the way, there are some laws in the US about suing people. If you do and you loose, you have to pay for there lawyer fees... something like that. Be carefull.
  7. Sorry about the spelling and i called my laptop componey to day and i have to call them back monday. i will keep on posting tell every thing gets fixed and thanks for all your help
  8. Keep us updated on how things turn out.
  9. my laptop come back to the store and they have photes of the fluid damge that did not happen here are any where else.dont know what to do they are still trying to blame me for it.
  10. I would now go in and talk to the manager of the Best Buy geek Squad that you took the computer to and ask him to explain to you what is going on re guarding the water damaged. I Would ask him to open the system and show you the damage so you can see where the problem actually is that way the two of you are on the same page. I would not sue them cause you are bound not to win. See what they will do for you maybe they will fix it for you. I would go in though and demand that they open it there in the store. Feel free to ask to speak to the manager in private away from all of the customers and employees and tell him how you are mad and demand that they figure out what happened. You know what happened better than they do. But remember that they are going to charge you either way. When you take there computer there they probably have a policy where you get charged just for them to look at it. Most computer companies and electronics repair centers charge you a fee just to open it up and look at the problem. Keep us up to date and let us know what happens.
  11. I'm not sure exactly what happened, but if I got this right, you can logically explain why you can't be responsible for the water damage.

    So, Your hard drive breaks and you go to best buy to have it fixed.
    They fix it for free. (I assume it's because you have a warranty.)

    A week later, it breaks and you bring your laptop back.
    That's when the guy told you windows isn't properly installed and your firewall is turned off,right?

    They keep for repairs or whatnot and two weeks later they call you telling there is fluid damage right ?

    If that's how it happened. It's impossible that you are responsible for the fluid damage:
    For the guy to think that the problem is related to the installation of windows and the firewall, he must of turn your laptop on. It must of booted windows well enough that he was able to go in the settings.

    At that point it is impossible that there was fluid damage. If so, windows would not of booted. The BIOS would probably not of booted.

    Since that time, the laptop is in there hands. THEY fucked up. You can explain that to them.

    If it took 2 weeks before you were called and told about the fluid damage it means they sent it elsewhere. It's easy to drop a box in the snow, or carry it outside in the rain.... There could be a puddle of melted snow on the floor of the truck....

    I worked at Radioshack and we hauled stuff in and out from the purolator or UPS van very quickly. If you drop something,you keep your mouth shut because it's easier that way. In winter the floor of the UPS van is quite watery and I put boxes on the floor....
    yeah, ok, I wasn't a very carefull employe.
    But don't worry, i don't work there anymore.
  12. at the best buy i go to asked if they can open it in frint of me and he said that they cant do that he told me i have to do it are have some ewlse do that for me
  13. i was told that the windows not instelled right and my friend like at my laptop and he me that the frie wall was not truned on and he thinks i have a vris and i called around and evey one i talked to they said that i might have a vris not fulid damge because the sound went frist then the windows locks up on desktop and it onley wroks in safemode so iam lost dont know what to do from here. OH i called the 1800 geek squed and they told me the link i got from best buy to see the pics of my laptop is fake because no one can get it to wrok
  14. Sounds like you haven't had the General Manager with you yet. You need to get to this guy and stop talking over the phone, he can make them open it in front of you.

    I also recommend printing out balanovich's post and handing it to the General Manager.

    Stop dealing with the idiot squad and go to the General Manager and cause a also prepare to cause a scene until they go get him.

    Lastly, they can open it in front of you, they have the ability to do it at the store when working so no reason why they can't do it while you're there.
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