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im having problems trying to connect my T40 laptop to my router. the router is totally fine, since others can connect to it. I dont know if this is normal or not, but the wireless indicator of the laptop blinks intermittently, like every 15-25 seconds it goes out. But when i check the device manager, all the wireless cards, and other devices are working fine, nothing disconnected or something like that. anyone have ides why my laptop has this problem?

PS: the laptop can connect when i directly connect it. also it can recognize my network, and go to the "acquiring address" stage, but it just wont connect fully.

any kind of help would be appreciated, thanks!!!!
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  1. hmm, not sure fairly old i think. it's a friends laptop with XP installed in it. yeah i have no clue what's wrong with it. my friend says that it just stopped connecting to the router. but before it was working perfectly. no chance contacting the supplier too.
  2. The IBM ThinkPad T40 hit the market in 2003.

    Sorry, but I will not be able to diagnose your problem since I decided not to by the Centrino version. Meaning mine has no wireless capabilities.

    I would try to reinstall the drivers.
  3. yeah, i tried reinstalling the drivers already. also updated them, but it still wont connect wirelessly. i also tried the reset tcp/ip thing but nothings working.

    any ideas?
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