How to go into BIOS on ASUS A3500G

my laptop won't recognize Internal USB , can't print , won't recognize mouse.. only can copy with CD rom . I want to see If there any problem in BIOS . but which F key (F1 - F12) ?..thx alot / win
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  1. Hello william wine;

    F2 should work. If not try the Esc key.
  2. thanks alot it's work go into BIOS.. but still i can't find the problem why my laptop asus A3500G won't recognize all USB devices. ,,can anybody help me ?? thx/ win
  3. Did you load the software for the USB device?
  4. I did reinstall with recovery cd 2 times, and as i know A3500G no usb software beside the recovery cd and i never load the usb driver before.. can you help me what i have to do now ???? thanks alot
  5. What USB device doesnt work? Do some USB devices work, but others don't?
  6. And did the non-working USB device come with any software to make it work? Not USB device driver ... software program for the device.
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