Is Mcafee free or just free download?

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  1. No McAfee is a pay to use. if your after a free AV, use Microsoft Security Essentials, or AVG Free, Avast Free.
  2. I have 2 Anti virus products that my experience tells me not to touch. Macafee is one of them. Microsoft security essentials is one of the better free AV's in my experience and has yet to let me down across 5 PC's used by various family members.
    I have a neighbor who is a friend of my wife who used to come around once every couple of months with an issue that someone else in the house had caused(always is isn't it) Anyway I have yet to hear from them after installing and setting up MSE.

  3. Never get Macafee or AVG. Both aren't good at what they do, and perform more like bloatware / adware than an antivirus.

    What most of us use is Microsoft Security Essentials, which is the best free antivirus out there, and Malwarebytes, either free or paid.
  4. I second DarkSable completely!
  5. Third-it also.
  6. Norton Internet security 2013...the BEST paid by far...

    All the best Brett :)
  7. Hi

    A lot of PC Magazines recommend AVAST as the best of the free AV programs (far ahead of Microsoft's )

    I have used Norton Internet security suit for many years without any infection
    (in UK cost of 3PC 1 year home user license is often £25, much less than on line renewal cost)

    I also use Secunia PSI (V3) to look for out of date programs with security holes (eg Flash, Java as well as Windows & Office)


    Mike Barnes
  8. On the basis that users will use what works and wont use what does not work.

    Worldwide market share.

    MSE 13%

    Norton 4.3%

    Macafee 4.1%

    North America Market share

    MSE 21.3%

    Norton 6.0%

    Macafee 5.2%


    Mactronix :)
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