D-700 CPU Temp 57c?

I have a Duron 700 not o/c with a temp of 57C, from looking around on the message board this seems pretty high.

Just wondering?
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  1. yes 57c is high for a 700 duron
    my 800 runs at 38 -40 max C

    What kind of fan are you using??

    Make sure its a high quality fan
    maybe its not on properly..

    But i would suggest carefully checking the heatsink out and also make sure you have a quality fan

    My fan was $20 a coolermaster but mine is the larger one vertifies for 1200+ tbirds

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  2. high is a relative term.. could you run at this speed? Yes... its probably a better idea to get a nice fan for it and overclock it.. but you can run at up to.. what is it? near 190 degrees Faranheit without melting it

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  3. My DURON 800 is work at 60C at full speed.But you can open your case when using the computer,just like me,it is a useful method.After this, my CPU only have 48C.Try it!
    (This like a crazy method).
  4. Yo that's a hella hot for a duron 700.
    my T-bird 700 @ 800mhz will never break 45c full load
    and idle is usually 35-40 depending on room temp.
    U need to get a better HSF and add some Paste to ur cpu.
    if temps persists then its the room your in, take the temps in the room your computer occupies!
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