AMD Thermal protection problem...

Pentium III 850- $179
Thunderbird 850- $102

Which one is faster? Well I know I can overclock my Tbird to near a ghz with 140mhz fsb.... so probably the Tbird..

Now, the difference between these two processors...
1) Tbird is faster
2) Tbird has thermal protection problem/intel doesnt..

and a few questions...

1) Do you consider yourself computer literate? Able to build your own computer, and performs functions as such?
2) Do you think you can properly install your HSF with thermal grease, and make sure air is circulating through your case?
3) Can you get a motherboard (for comparatively the same price) which has built in thermal protection for the processor?
4) Would you pay 70+ extra dollars to solve a problem that any computer literate moron could solve?

feel free to reply... mainly people who have an issue with AMD's thermal protection "problem"

Old addage: "Users never prosper" :o) Long live the tweakers
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  1. But Intel has Thermal Protection! And AMD does not! And, and, and AMD does not have thermal protection!. And Intel does!

    I guess that says it all. What an argument......
  2. you forgot that AMD does not have thermal protection
    but Intel does,
    and and ,, did i mention AMD doesnt?
    Ohhhhhh and btw intel has thermal protection

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  3. Now I think a beginner can start with AMD. What's the big deal putting a HSF on?? Granted my first pc was intel, but the second one I built was an AMD.

    What is there to be worried about? Either you've done your research and your ready, or you're not...

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  4. The only difference between the two is that you have to pay closer attention to putting the HSF on a T-bird properly. Aside from that, both companies products assemble with the same level of difficulty. I would recommend AMD to a novice. I do think AMD should ship all their tray processors with a little piece of paper that has the URL for AMD's document on properly installing a HSF. Maybe resellers should do it just to cut back on returns.
  5. i did recommend amd to a novice, and she installed it all herself, and its running sweet, and now she's my gf.

    true story.

    the moral here is "recommend amd to women, they will sleep with you"

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  6. here we go...waddaya think??


    AMD. It gets you chicks.
  7. Lol! I'm not sure if AMD will agree with this slogan! but what the hell!

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    AMD. It gets you chicks.
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    This is really funny,,, keep it up guys! :)

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    -- They have found a way to harness the power of a thunderstorm and expell it with great force!--
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  14. My son WILL be horny at 14. We all were (are?).

    Wusy seems to be a very bright kid, good sense of humor, and a cute kind of innocence when it comes to matters that are beyond his maturity.

    It was a compliment.
  15. hey, I've seen AMD boards with warning on them it;s was on TGH maybe a few weeks ago, and I've seen vendors dish out durons without labels and sh!t.

    I agree, it should also be on the cpu.

    also, imho and experience the same amount of prep, precautons and general awareness goes with setting up any kind of mb+hsf.

    "Amd cpu...Gone in 2 secs flat, it truly is a fast chip!"
  16. how the hell did this thread get to cum and freezing it? jeesh.... hehe... well is it just me or did pretty much everyone agree with me? Intel are good processors, and so are AMD, but right now AMD is just better price/performance.... so has everyone pretty much agreed that this really isnt a problem that isnt easy/worth solving?

    Old addage: "Users never prosper" :o) Long live the tweakers
  17. Thats not very logical your advanced cause yer not afraid to fry yer chip or crush it ... Im sorry dude but a computer is a real investment not to be taken lightly. You shouldnt have to replace componets, in my opinion if you fry your chip or crush it, its not saying yer advanced its saying yer incompetent and unknowledgeable. Its not hard to put a computer together Intel or AMD just follow the instruction, geeze how hard is that?

    Oh and the thermal protection thats like buying a car without a oil gauge ... sorry man i want to know when the cars gonna seize!!!


    <font color=blue>Just some advice from your friendly neighborhood blue man </font color=blue> :smile:
  18. Well Spud,

    What happens if you lose your anti-freeze while driving? By the time the "idiot" light comes on its too late - engine is warped.

    Of course, there are a few select models of cars that offer overheat protection in the event of coolant loss. You can drive them dry up to 50 miles without damaging the car.

    So when are you selling your car and buying one with thermal protection? Why would you be so concerned with thermal protection on a $120 component (cpu chip), but not on a $25,000 car?

    What is the hottest running chip around? The P4. It cannot use ANY cooler made for the Athlon or P3. It will fry. The required cooler is so big and heavy it must be bolted to the case! Run a P4 without a fan and it will pop, sizzle and fry.

    Any P4 owners want to disable the fan for 30 minutes and let us know how well the chip is thermally protected? <font color=red>DISCLAIMER - I am not responsible for any damage to your PC.</font color=red>
  19. Ok here's my deal. I can buy a T850, and at least 4 cases of Corona to go along with it. Unreal Tournament and Deus Ex play REALLY smooth on a case of Corona.

    Oh yeah, as far as the heat issue, I can buy a Fop38 and 80mm fan along with the cpu and beer. I keep cool, the processor keeps's a win/win situation all the way around?
  20. But that is only a 500, and a Katmai, which as I remember is a .25 process, which should be more durable then a more modern .18 chip.

    I wonder what would happen to a 933mhz PIII? I'll bet the P4 fries if the HSF fails. Any P4 owners willing to give it a go?
  21. that's like saying you'll starve if you don't eat!

    yeah what happens when you crash your car?

    the Intel equivalent of a yr2000-01 car will most likely come with airbags, it will save your a$$.

    the AMD equivalent of a yr2000-01 sh!t car will have none and most likely fry and disintegrat on impact at low speeds!!!

    do you have to die because you saved a few bucks?

    AMD's car has the wheels on right but the nuts are loose! make a turn and the wheels will fall off!

    "Amd cpu...Gone in 2 secs flat, it truly is a fast chip!"
  22. You have to admit guys the way he worded it is very funny


    <font color=blue>Just some advice from your friendly neighborhood blue man </font color=blue> :smile:
  23. Bigguy, you can only get into BIOS without fan on P4. you can stay in bios forever if you wanted. machine will no boot without fan installed on i850 mobo.

    If the HSF faled on a P4 the CPU will shutdown, no BIOS intervention needed. For intel its not harmfull to test this scenario but with AMD I doubt anyone is stupid enough to test the mobo shutdown =)
  24. AMD chips do not have any thermal protection, although the manual says it does. but you can have a decent motherboard with a thermal sensor (almost all of them have these days) with a monitoring software that allows you to set limits on cpu temp and warn you or shutdown the system if it exceeds those.

    tbird is certainly faster than p3, but what has thermal protection issue to do with performance? of course a heavily loaded cpu (like playing quake3) will increase the risks, but i guess that could be managed with a high quality HSF, or some active cooling mechanism. its certainly cheaper than 179 - 102 = $77! besides overclocking potential of athlon is worth considering.

    btw who is the given questionaire for?
    my Duron 600 ran upto 62 deg celcius, with its pressure resist pads on, i removed them and installed the HSF on the cpu, WITHOUT crushing the core, and now it rarely runs past 45!!! interesting? sure it is.

    regds :)

    die-hard fans, do not have have heat-sinks!
  25. No one dies when a computer crashes.

    The point is we all know there is no thermal protection in AMD chips. However, if you assemble the system properly, there is no need to worry about it overheating. Period.

    For a safety blanket, the use of Motherboard Monitor and Shutdown gives the equivalent thermal protection to anyone who wants it (AMD or Intel).

    So stop beating the topic to death. What will you do when AMD does incorporate thermal protection? I guess there is always Cyrix....

    By the way, that was a funny post.
  26. I would never operate my T-Bird without a fan. It would be damaged. We all know that.

    But when the day comes that you can afford to buy a P4, please boot it into Windows (or whatever OS you have), then disconnect the fan. Leave it on for 30 minutes. Let us know if it survives. Any P4 owners out there game?

    Buy an AMD since it will get you chicks, and make sure you use a peltier while having sex so that you can create popsicles...

    <font color=red>This is a forum, not a chat room. You aren't going to find a date here.</font color=red>
  28. I take it all back WUSY. Time for a cold shower.
  29. *laughs uncontrollably*

    you guys, god damn you're a funny bunch of bastards!!!

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  30. Anyway back on the point, a P4 will fry if you leave it on, without doubt, and a TBird will also fry... But a CPU doens't NEED to have thermal protection since almost every motherboard has it anyway, it just depends on how good it is..

    Hey guess what i did the other day, the solder broke off my PC Speaker and i didn't have any solder around so i got an old speaker out of my old case (it was about 1cm across, never even realised it was a speaker) and plugged it into the A7V... I turned on the comp and this is what happened (including sound effects!) (bare with me here)

    *puff of brown smoke*
    *Audiophile jumps into the air and RIPS power cord out of the back of his comp*
    *sits back and looks at what caused the smoke*
    *sees the red and black cables melted to the bottom of his case*
    *takes the old speaker connector off the motherboard pins and burns his fingers on the little bitch*
    *screams in pain*
    *Throws chord and speaker as far as he can in the other direction*
    *sits back down and continues on the way he was when he had no PC speaker*

    Now what do ya think of that?

    Why the hell did it fry?! i didn't realise they supplied different voltage to the PC speaker in motherboards... it says 5V on my old mobo and this A7V but for some reason this baby fried.. unless i had them back to front, could have had it Ground - 5V instead of 5V - Ground... eh... Who cares it was [-peep-] anyway... Case still stinks tho, i now got the smell of my burnt GeForce2 and the smell of melted plastic and fused together wires on the bottom of the case, quite disgusting really...

    <b><font color=blue>Note to self: Never buy <i>anything</i> without checking with <font color=red>Tom</font color=red> first...
  31. Thermal Protection is like buying any car. if the oil leaks out it will destroy the engine.

    "smelling flowers is like throwing sones" AHAAHAH

    "648kb is all the space anyone will ever need!"

    Bill Gates, 1980s
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