How to transfer files with ethernet cable pc to pc

hi i have a toshiba laptop and i uninstalled atheros driver now i cant get on the internet i tried to as much as i can to get it back i even tried to burn the file and put the file on my laptop to get it back it dident work for me this is for my toshiba windows 7 laptop im on my desktop for right now
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  1. Put the files you want to transfer on a USB flash drive and transfer them that way. To use direct ethernet you would need a special cable and special setup, not worth the trouble.
  2. As mentioned you would either need a crossover cable or a switch to connect both to.

    Your best bet is to simply move them with a USB drive.
  3. if your lappy has wifi or reinstall the network driver by usb stick. then turn on file and print sharing on both pc and set them up on the same network. if you have a router you dont need a cross over cable.
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