How to upgrade BIOS?

my friend has a PC:
AMD k6-2 350Mhz
Super7 ALIM1542 Baby-AT Mainboard
Chipset: ALI-VM1542 & M1543

Trying to install Westerndigital ATA/66 7200 RPM 40GB HDD, and BIOS can't see HDD.
I suspect BIOS need upgrade.
There is a mainboard manual but can't find manufacturer. How can I upgrade BIOS thank you very much.
Also how do you know what cpu type it is K6-2 E- or K6-2 E+ ?
Thank you very much.
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  1. restart your computer, and get on the BIOS setup screen and it should say your BIOS version there (depending on the version) if it isnt there, it should say it on startup. once you get your BIOS version, go to your computer manufacturers web site (or if you built it yourself go to your motherboards web site) and scroll down the motherboard list and see which one has your bios version. if that page doesnt have your bios update on it, go to drivers and look for your BIOS version. it should come with a README explaining the rest of the process. if u still cant figure it out, e-mail me at hope this helps you
  2. I can't find motherboard manufacturer on its manual.
  3. try using sisoft it aleast told me the chipaet and who it was madw by
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