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Hi there! This is my first time ever getting three runes.
I havn't even ventured very deep in the dungeon yet, but
I've cleared the mines, halls, lair, swamp, snake pit, hive,
vault, hall of blades, and I did two levels of the crypt. I
also poked my head into the tomb, but that was before my second
level of torment resist (imps patch) and I'd never been there
before, so I killed one thing and left.

Any and all advice is welcome, I read almost everything that
goes on in this group (as long as it's not a flame war), so I've
been pretty well spoiled. I'm tempted to make this an all-rune
game, even though I've never yet had a winner, because that set
of mutations seems to be begging for it. So any advice on getting
them all would be really nice. Well, here's the YACD:

Dungeon Crawl 4.0.0b26x (+Imps, Draconians and Demons oh my!)
character file.

an uncursed ring of magical power
There are several objects here.
Drop which item?
You drop a scroll of enchant armour.

########## ### #

Sean the Destroyer (Demonspawn)
(Level 19 Fire Elementalist)

Play time: 15:21:10 Number of turns: 79676

Experience : 19/364171
Strength 12 Dexterity 16 Intelligence 22
Hit Points : 116 Magic Points : 37
AC : 17 Evasion : 11 Shield : 0
GP : 2177

You are in the Lair.
You worship Vehumet.
Vehumet is exalted by your worship.
You are hungry.

Hand weapons
a - a +3,+3 scimitar of flaming
b - a +6,+5 long sword of electrocution
v - a +0 pair of dwarven boots of levitation (worn)
x - a +3 ice dragon armour
V - the +1 cloak of Plog (worn)
It lets you teleport.

W - a +2 helmet (worn)
X - a +1 pair of boots of running
Y - a +0 pair of gloves of strength (worn)
Z - a +1 robe of the Archmagi (worn)
//My armor choices are kind of screwy. I picked up the
//ice dragon hide on dlvl 3 or so, and used it until I
//got the robe. Armor skill is still only at 7, and
//dodging is only 2, so I could still go either way.
//The robe is REALLY nice, though. 1-shot kills against
//everything on the final level of the swamp.
Magical devices
m - a wand of hasting (3)
p - a wand of draining
q - a wand of cold
D - a wand of fire
J - a wand of fireball
//Maybe overkill, but I don't trust my character in melee.
c - 2 honeycombs
o - 3 chokos
i - 2 scrolls of teleportation
j - 2 scrolls of blinking
f - an amulet of resist mutation
g - a ring of wizardry (right hand)
l - a ring of fire (left hand)
u - an amulet of conservation
E - the amulet of Ulyhod Sis (around neck)
This amulet allows its wearer to consume meat in various states of
without suffering unduly as a result. Poisonous or cursed flesh is
not recommended.
It affects your AC (+3).
It makes you more stealthy.

O - a ring of protection from cold
//Some advice on where to wear which amulet would be great.
//I know I'll need RM for the final run, and probably the
//slime pits too, but I just like randart gourmands SOOO much!
//I also have an amulet of warding, but havn't been carrying it
//since I finished the halls.
d - 2 potions of speed
e - 6 potions of healing
h - 4 potions of heal wounds
n - 3 potions of might
//I've got too many !ohealing stashed. Time to start using
Magical staves
F - a staff of conjuration (weapon)
s - a decaying rune
t - a silver rune
w - a serpentine rune
//First time getting 3 runes! Yay!

You have 16 experience left.

+ Level 6 Fighting
+ Level 13 Long Blades
+ Level 7 Armour
+ Level 2 Dodging
+ Level 2 Stealth
+ Level 14 Spellcasting
+ Level 19 Conjurations
+ Level 15 Fire Magic
+ Level 12 Earth Magic
//Had conjurations and fire magic turned off for a LONG time
//after Vehumet started giving me books. Finally, crystal spear
//is usable, and I still mainly cast fire bolt.

You have 15 spell levels left.
You know the following spells:

Your Spells Type Success
a - Flame Tongue Fire/Conjuration Perfect 1
b - Throw Flame Fire/Conjuration Perfect 2
c - Bolt of Fire Fire/Conjuration Perfect 5
d - Stone Arrow Earth/Conjuration Perfect 3
e - Bolt of Iron Earth/Conjuration Perfect 6
f - Lehudib's Crystal Spear Earth/Conjuration Excellent 8
g - Dig Earth/Transmigration Great 4
h - Stoneskin Earth/Transmigration Excellent 2

//I have pretty much (but not yet) every book out there,
//but none of the fire/earth/conjurations stuff looks so great.
//What spells would you learn? Would you branch out and learn
//any of divinations (mainly for forescry), air (for deflect X),
//transmigration (lots of good synergy with fire/earth), or
//necromacy (DS's best spell skill aptitude AFAIR)? I know that
//Tomb of Doroklohe is a popular spell, but the book of Earth is
//one book that I don't yet have.
Mutations & Other Weirdness
* You are covered in green scales (AC + 5 and poison resistance).
* Your natural rate of healing is unusually fast.
* You have supernatural eyesight and can see hidden and invisible
things easier.You can spit poison.
You possess an exceptional clarity of mind.
* You are very resistant to pain and torment.
You are partially covered in yellow scales (AC + 2).
//The best set of mutations I've ever had (or even seen,
//possibly). Too bad that poison resistance comes in 3
//levels with this patch.

Vanquished Creatures
Draco (Elf:7)
An Orb Guardian (shapeshifter) (Vault:8)
4 liches
A golden dragon (Vault:8)
A curse skull (Crypt:1)
5 shadow dragons (Vault:8)
3 titans (Vault:8)
A storm dragon (shapeshifter) (Vault:7)
draconian scorcher (thrice) (Vault:8 Vault:7)
Francis (Elf:7)
A skeletal dragon (Vault:8)
11 stone giants
5 tentacled monstrosities (Vault:8)
A fire giant (Vault:8)
draconian executioner (Vault:8)
blue draconian (twice) (Vault:2 Vault:8)
draconian caller (Vault:8)
A Green Death (Elf:7)
5 deep elf annihilators (Elf:7)
draconian ninja (Vault:8)
A Blue Death (Crypt:3)
5 greater nagas (Snake:5)
5 deep elf death magi (Elf:7)
pale draconian (twice) (Vault:3 Vault:8)
purple draconian (thrice) (Vault:3 Vault:8)
4 deep elf sorcerers (Elf:7)
red draconian (twice) (Vault:8)
green draconian (thrice) (Vault:8)
2 great orbs of eyes
black draconian (twice) (Vault:4 Vault:8)
9 yaktaur captains
24 vault guards
The ghost of Sean the Dodger, a powerful El Cr (Elf:1)
A dragon (Vault:7)
4 ogre-magi
2 ice dragons
Norbert (Elf:4)
23 hydras
8 deep elf demonologists
7 death yaks
6 grey snakes
6 griffons
Harold (Swamp:2)
A deep troll (Vault:7)
8 centaur warriors
2 deep elf high priests (Elf:7)
2 deep trolls (shapeshifter)
34 deep elf knights
An elephant slug (Lair:6)
14 naga warriors
A shadow wraith (Crypt:1)
Snorg (Elf:1)
An ice devil (Elf:3)
A giant amoeba (Vault:7)
18 skeletal warriors
15 dancing weapons (Blade)
A fire giant skeleton (Crypt:1)
A frost giant skeleton (Vault:8)
4 stone giant skeletons
A flayed ghost (Crypt:1)
An unseen horror (shapeshifter) (Vault:7)
A necromancer (Crypt:2)
An unseen horror (Vault:1)
5 orc knights
A guardian naga (shapeshifter) (Vault:4)
13 hill giants
A red wasp (Swamp:2)
7 swamp dragons (Swamp:5)
Erolcha (D:9)
2 guardian nagas
A spiny worm (Vault:5)
4 spectral warriors
A reaper (Elf:3)
Draco zombie (Elf:7)
An elephant slug zombie (Crypt:2)
8 slime creatures
21 giant brown frogs
2 wolf spiders
9 yaktaurs
A yaktaur (shapeshifter) (Vault:3)
18 black snakes
3 mimics
An eye of devastation (Vault:1)
Urug (D:14)
Michael (Elf:1)
6 cyclopes
A hellwing (Elf:7)
20 naga magi
A dragon skeleton (Vault:2)
2 ice dragon skeletons
2 spiny worm skeletons
A very ugly thing skeleton (Vault:4)
2 rock trolls (Vault:7)
6 giant snails
A redback (Vault:7)
61 ugly things
6 trolls
An ettin (Vault:1)
6 komodo dragons
A grey snake skeleton (Crypt:3)
A rock troll skeleton (Vault:7)
3 efreeti
A queen bee (Hive:4)
Psyche (D:9)
The ghost of Sean the Chopper, an average HO Be (D:7)
2 polar bears
A stone giant zombie (Vault:4)
10 spiny frogs
15 blink frogs
A death yak simulacrum (Crypt:3)
A deep troll skeleton (Vault:8)
52 yaks
8 two-headed ogres
25 deep elf conjurers
4 ynoxinuls (Elf:7)
4 giant slugs
A shapeshifter (Vault:8)
3 hungry ghosts
3 vampires
A bear (Lair:3)
10 hippogriffs
6 yellow snakes
3 firedrakes
A boulder beetle skeleton (Vault:7)
An elf skeleton (Crypt:1)
A lindwurm skeleton (Crypt:1)
A swamp dragon skeleton (Crypt:2)
13 deep elf summoners
9 giant blowflies
44 deep elf fighters
4 manticores
Edmund (D:5)
A manticore (shapeshifter) (Elf:6)
4 wyverns
4 wraiths
A soldier ant (Vault:3)
3 lava worms (Elf:5)
3 big kobolds
13 deep elf priests
5 freezing wraiths
2 giant brown frog skeletons
10 insubstantial wisps
20 swamp worms
4 ugly thing skeletons
A black bear (Lair:2)
5 phantoms
2 griffon zombies
A very ugly thing zombie (Crypt:1)
9 gila monsters
4 ice beasts
3 mottled dragons
58 nagas
29 ogres
5 wargs
A wolf (Lair:3)
2 grey snake zombies (Snake:4)
2 hill giant zombies
A rock troll zombie (Vault:5)
6 giant lizards
A hippogriff skeleton (Crypt:2)
A yak skeleton (Crypt:2)
13 necrophages
6 yellow wasps (Hive:4)
11 war dogs
19 orc warriors
37 deep elf magi
Blork the orc (D:6)
24 centaurs
A swamp dragon simulacrum (Crypt:2)
9 swamp drakes
A deep troll zombie (Vault:4)
6 elf zombies
22 giant frogs
30 brown snakes
4 boulder beetles
2 redback skeletons (Vault:8)
A two-headed ogre skeleton (Crypt:3)
3 ghouls
A lava fish (Elf:5)
2 ugly thing simulacra
A wolf spider simulacrum (Vault:1)
A boulder beetle zombie (Vault:5)
A cyclops zombie (Vault:2)
3 eyes of draining
193 killer bees
2 swamp dragon zombies
5 big fish
5 jellyfish
A brainy imp (D:6)
2 ichorous imps
A screaming imp (D:7)
A glowing imp (D:10)
A transparent imp (D:11)
A brain worm skeleton (Vault:7)
A mottled dragon skeleton (Crypt:2)
2 ugly thing zombies (D:10)
A wolf spider zombie (Vault:1)
2 yaktaur zombies
A giant beetle (D:14)
An amorphous imp (D:10)
A flickering imp (D:14)
14 hounds
15 orc priests
5 stone imps
27 orc wizards
5 wights
2 orange rats (Elf:2)
65 deep elf soldiers
6 giant ants
2 black snake zombies (Snake:4)
A bumblebee zombie (Crypt:2)
25 electrical eels
A troll zombie (Crypt:2)
A yak zombie (D:13)
13 giant iguanas
4 scorpions
7 lava snakes
14 sheep
4 boggarts (Vault:5)
12 shadows
2 yellow snake zombies (Snake:4)
6 jellies
4 gnolls
9 worms
A big kobold zombie (D:13)
A brain worm zombie (Vault:1)
6 giant centipedes
2 midges (Elf:7)
3 naga zombies
44 snakes
A white imp (Elf:5)
A killer bee skeleton (Crypt:1)
A lemure (Elf:5)
4 giant mites
21 green rats
A mummy (D:11)
A brown snake zombie (Snake:4)
A butterfly (Vault:3)
3 oozes
A giant ant zombie (D:5)
4 giant eyeballs
A giant eyeball zombie (D:12)
A hound zombie (Crypt:3)
An orange rat zombie (Crypt:2)
13 ufetubi (Elf:7)
47 giant bats
4 giant cockroaches
7 giant geckos
114 grey rats
18 hobgoblins
26 jackals
33 kobolds
147 orcs
12 quokkas
29 rats
9 small snakes
A butterfly skeleton (Vault:2)
15 giant mosquitos
7 giant newts
A giant spore (D:14)
A gnoll zombie (Crypt:1)
34 goblins
62 killer bee larvae
2 killer bee larva zombies
6 orc zombies
5 fungi
7 plants

2297 creatures vanquished.

Fear draconians; they were probably the scariest things in
Vault:8 (this was my first time getting there). They would
make a great addition to the main version of the game.


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  1. Archived from groups: rec.games.roguelike.misc (More info?)

    Jeremey Wilson wrote:
    > <s_p_lester@yahoo.com> wrote in message
    > news:1118466164.058523.24750@g47g2000cwa.googlegroups.com...


    > > Armour
    > > v - a +0 pair of dwarven boots of levitation (worn)
    > > x - a +3 ice dragon armour
    > > V - the +1 cloak of Plog (worn)
    > > It lets you teleport.
    > >
    > > W - a +2 helmet (worn)
    > > X - a +1 pair of boots of running
    > > Y - a +0 pair of gloves of strength (worn)
    > > Z - a +1 robe of the Archmagi (worn)
    > > //My armor choices are kind of screwy. I picked up the
    > > //ice dragon hide on dlvl 3 or so, and used it until I
    > > //got the robe. Armor skill is still only at 7, and
    > > //dodging is only 2, so I could still go either way.
    > > //The robe is REALLY nice, though. 1-shot kills against
    > > //everything on the final level of the swamp.
    > Unless the patch changed things, you get no experience for things killed
    > with a robe of the Archmagi on. If the patch changed that, keep wearing
    > it, but otherwise if you want a fire elementalist, wear the ice dragon
    > armor and two rings of fire.

    You're kidding! I'm taking it off right away. I knew the ice dragon
    armor and I were meant to win together. Wish I had two rings of fire.

    > It would've been better to have gone for Firestorm and forgotten about
    > Crystal Spear entirely. CS is not a very good use of MP or spell
    > slots -- 8 to hurt one piddly thing?

    Well, my last DSFE died in the halls because of a stupid shapeshifter
    turning into an earth dragon. That's why I decided to go for earth as
    well this time. CS was how I took out curse skulls too. Is firestorm

    > At the moment, you need more than anything selective amnesia. Then I'd
    > go for Controlled Blink, Repel Missiles (with all that Earth, DM is
    > probably out of your league, but RM helps a bit, and is cheap) and
    > detect traps. Those are the spells I _always_ memorize; I don't think
    > there's anything else that's must-have, except maybe the Tomb, if you
    > find a book. (I thought it was in Annihilations, for some reason?)

    I've got selective amnesia. I guess it's free, so why not memorize it,
    right? I've got perfect detect traps and secret doors as a mutation.
    Every trap shows up as a purple dot instead of as a yellow or brown
    or gray dot. It must be part of the imps patch, but it's the second
    level of the see invis mutation (secret doors, then traps, then
    invis). I'll look in Annihilations for ToD. Thanks!

    > > Mutations & Other Weirdness
    > > * You are covered in green scales (AC + 5 and poison resistance).
    > <snip>
    > > You are partially covered in yellow scales (AC + 2).
    > !

    Yes, I thought it was weird too. I thought the imps patch was
    supposed to fix this behavior (or was it that it unfixed it, and
    it was already fixed in the regular code?). Thanks for your advice!

  2. Archived from groups: rec.games.roguelike.misc (More info?)

    >Is firestorm unresistable?

    No - you're thinking of Hellfire. But it's very, very poweful, and you
    can further speed its progress by firing Bolt of Fire into it. Don't
    use it if there are scrolls on the ground that you want to preserve.

    I have a KeFE who made it past the resistant denizens of the Crypt
    (skeletal dragons, curse skulls) with the unresistable Blast, a staff
    of conjuration, and Vehumet's favor. No Earth (CS, ToD) for my
    firebird. In fact, no non Conj/Fire spells for him at all, other than
    Blast. He's now got 21 spare spell levels free - I'm giving him a
    little rest before deciding to do with all of those spare levels.

    >I'll look in Annihilations for ToD

    It's in Earth, not Annihilations. Also in another book (I think) that
    escapes me right now.
  3. Archived from groups: rec.games.roguelike.misc (More info?)

    Ben Goetter wrote:
    [someone wrote]

    [Ben: mystic blast]

    A fun little spell, which seems weak... until you actually try it. Most
    of the benefits of Crystal Spear, without the hungering or the
    slot-hungriness. ToD is so powerful that I usually went with Crystal
    Spear anyway in my DECj phase (or with both, if I was worried about
    food), but if you're feeling peppy enough to get along with ToD, Really
    Big Magic Dart is a really big spell.

    >>I'll look in Annihilations for ToD
    > It's in Earth, not Annihilations. Also in another book (I think) that
    > escapes me right now.

    For a long time I thought this too. But actually, it's just in the Book
    of Earth.

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