Need opinion on my upgrade

trying to decide between a p3 1000mhz or a tbird 1.2ghz.the motheroard will be asus either the intel chipset or the amd chipset depending on which cpu i go with. and the graphic card is a herc gforce 2 gts so which way should i go i want the most stable system and not worried about speed. :eek:

:eek: <b>May the FORCE be with you.</b>
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  1. wow, this question hase flame war written all over it. in a nut shell, if you build it right you WILL NOT have problems with either setup. if you don't build it right, you WILL have problems with either setup. personally, i would go with the t-bird because that is just my preference.
  2. If money is the subject back down the cpu speed a bit and get a better video card. I myself would go with the Tbird maybe a 1 Ghz w 266 FSB. If you are wanting to upgrade your cpu so much I would hope that you consider disk i/o! Buy a mobo with built in raid and get two fast ide harddrives. With memory prices as low as they are (SDRAM) go with 256 or 512. If you go the DDR way 128 or 256 (money being the factor). I have yet to hear of a reason to go with DDR, but if someone can show a good reason then it is worth the look.

    From what I have seen rambus doesn't do much at all for a P3 so do yourself a favor and stay away from it.

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  3. I recommend you buy a t-bird.It has better performance than p-iii.It also has a cheaper price.I think you better wait for a motherboard unit the KT-266 chipset is go.
    I suugest you but a motherboard which support dual cpu and two DURON 850 CPU.It has a great performance.Recember you need to use window NT/2000.
  4. also might look at the fact that amd will being using the same socket for a while know so you could go get a durron and at the end of the year get a faster chip
    where as intel is changing there socket design
  5. well i am not a newbie at building pcs just not educated too much with the new cpus.i was just scared that the amd chip was unstable and i want to build a trouble free pc. cause thats all i do at work is tech stuff just wanted the most stable pc i could make.

    :eek: <b>May the FORCE be with you.</b>
  6. And were exactly are you getting this dual AMD support from? I have only seen one board that uses the 760MP chipset and it wasnt cheap.

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  7. AMD is the way to go 100%

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  8. Go with the P3 1Ghz

    Take a few minutes and read back in this forum for AMD problems. too many problems from a disposable CPU.

    Avoid AMD and you will be much happier in the long run.
  9. I went and read some of your previous post to people who were having trouble with amd, seems you always pull the gun on the chip. Most of them that I read were solved by driver issue or another part of the computer. So why did you want this guy to read post about people having problems with amd. It only show that you bash amd every chance you get.

    Not to say that you don't have your reasons.

    I have used intel boards and chips for a long time, I didn't have many problems. I now have an AMD machine at work, I love it. I never had a problem with it.

    My dad has always had an Intel and had problems. The problems were because of poor drivers for his cheap sound card and video card. I built him a computer for christmas. I built him an AMD machine. The second night it locked up. I asked what he had installed that night. It was some internet thing his friend gave him. 2 days later his friend told him not use that program that he had because it would lock up his computer...His friend found this out on his P3 Box. My dad loves his AMD....

    Opinions are like assholes, everyone has one and most of them stink
  10. definitely go with an amd system. i started out building with an amd k6/2 300 and learned a lot. i now have a duron 800 w/ an asus a7v and it's so much more stable. of course now i don't have 3 video cards in a case the size of a printer, but amd's stability is not an issue. a little effort in the way of mobo bios and driver updates will save you hundreds of dollars in the long run. the 1.2ghz t-bird will thrash the pIII anyway.

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  11. Hey there, i had a tbird 1.1ghz and i crushed the core, now i got a Duron 800@900 and i'm still happy. The thing with this upgrade you're talking about, is that you're not focussing the bulk of your cash on what matters. See we need to know what kind of stuff you want to do with your chip... If you want to play games, then take some cash out of the Tbird and put it into a Duron. Get a motherboard like the Asus133 and then overclock the duron for that bit of speed, either that or get a slower Tbird and OC that... Either way sounds good to me.

    THe graphics card is good, but if you want really good performance maybe you should go with a DDR card or even some more ram on that baby... Just so you don't reach any bottlenecks, a CPU of 900Mhz is all that anyone needs for most games around today, 900mhz is where they mainly reach their bottlenecks.

    More ram would benefit you hugely, get as much as you can afford, the more ram on the less chips the better. So try and get 256mb PC150 chips (kingmax make them) so you'll be guaranteed they will run at CAS2 which is what you want, allows a 33% or so improvement!

    Have fun, but be careful not to crush your core whichever way you go.. I really would advise against the P3 because of it's price and lack of speed, but Duron would be the way to go for most people currently, but only because the new and totally improved Palamino is coming out in Autumn or so, should be out by June i would say... Save your money and get one of those, that's what i am doing... Also, you need good HSF, go with the ThermoEngine from TheremoSonic or the FOP38, either way i would put the Delta 7000RPM fan on it.

    Have fun

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  12. thanx wusy and the rest of you (except fugger of course)oh yeah one more thing what is this crushing thing everyone talks about i am just familar with the k6-2 and p2 type processors and never heard of crushing a cpu or done it

    :eek: <b>May the FORCE be with you.</b>
  13. ahhh i got you now. never mind stupid question. rofl. thanx again.buying the stuff next week going to get a amd tbird 1.2 the asus amd chipset(the one with the ddr ram)and the other stuff which dosnt relate to this board. thanx again.

    :eek: <b>May the FORCE be with you.</b>
  14. LOL Fugger gets no love!
    maybe he should stop ranting and raving and get with the program!
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