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So I am looking to get a larger (and better) monitor for my multi-purpose PC that is used for gaming, movies and surfing. I currently have a Radeon HD 5770 along with a an AMD Phenon II X4 940 (no overclocking doe at this time as I have not needed it, but amopen to it). I have been doing a lot of reading and, since im not that technical, am unsure as to what specs in a monitor my current rig can run. I've read some benchmarks that put the 5770 at sub 60fps, so does that mean I shouldn't get a 120hz monitor? Can it run 2560x1440? I'm looking to spend $250-300 on a new monitor that will last me a while. Thanks.
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    Generally speaking the Hz of a monitor limits the number of FPS that can actually be displayed by a monitor. 60Hz means that the video card transfer data 60 times per second to the monitor. That basically means a max of 60FPS. A 120Hz monitor can display up to 120FPS.

    The Radeon HD 5770 is too weak to play games at 2560x1440 resolution. See following link for benchmarks of the Radeon HD 5770 with maxed out graphics in games and running with a Core i7-920 @ 3.8GHz.
  2. thanks so much for the reply and advice. I was kinda thinking that it would be underpowered, but I got all caught up in the buzz around the ShiMian monitor that I thought I would give it a try. It is kinda humorous to see what my fps is (best case scenario) compared to what some people are achieving and not really noticing that my picture is bad; makes me not want to ever see what a real machine produces. Without upgrading my PC, what monitors can you recommended that my card can push? Ideally, I would like 27", but would settle for 24". Have noticed the Asus VS239H-P and Dell U2412M as decent choices.
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