Toshiba qosimo x505-q898

I bought this laptop just before christmas, about a week ago the battery stopped charging it is stuck at 34 percent, but claims to be charging. I unplug the power cable it instantly shuts off and will not turn on until I plug in the power cable when it restarts it shows that is charging for about 2 minutes then stops at 34 percent again. Why is it doing this?
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  1. OK so i took the battery out and put it back in. I can run the laptop with out the AC power cord. I let the battery meter run down to 20 percent before plugging back in the AC power now it will only charge to 20 percent before it stops it continues to say charging but the animation does nothing and it won't charge past 20 percent. Now im going to run it until it shuts off. Anyone heard of this before?
  2. Called Toshiba battery is shot getting a new one for free.
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