Windows ME, is it a known MEM sucker?

Duron 800
128 Mircon-Spectek pc-133 cas 3
Windows ME

After running very few apps my resources are usually adound 60% or so but after time they drop bad like under 50%
lowest i have has was 6% free
and.. that was with a lot open but still..

In windows 98 i never had a mem issue ever

A lot of my friend have ME and i said check yuor resources, everyone said 50% -55%

If you are running windows ME
check your resources and let me know.. please

Why does it drain so bloody much?
Even with only winamp and icq open
its like draining it like crazy
and no i don't have a virus.

Suggestions welcome


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  1. post in software thread for win98/me.

    And yes it sucks for mem usuage but when apps require more mem it will give it up for it.
  2. i found it fine with mem usage, but the OS sucked so i trashed it


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  3. What happened to win me being the best thing in the world??
    you are still a bone.

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  4. Windows is a memory hog! There is no two ways about it. It isn't just ME; 95/98 is the same. I don't know the reason why it likes to suck it all up but it does. Microsoft is supposed to have done something about that in Windows XP which comes out in the fall. I think it will give you the ability to control how much memory is reserved for Windows.

    You can close every program except Explorer.exe and systray and you still only have 55-65% free. Sometimes upgrading the RAM helps but not a lot when it comes to windows.
  5. All microsoft products are full of memory leaks! Even windows. So the only way to clean up the memory is to reboot!

    My philosophy is reboot every two hours, re-install every six months (this ones for 9x only).

    I installed ME on my comp. It lasted a few hours before, my senses kicked in and alerted me to its rubbishness.

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  6. Simple solution: turn off the PC Health Scheduler (settings/control panel/scheduled tasks).
  7. I would like to remind everyone that these percentages of system resources given in Win9x (including, as far as I know, ME) have almost nothing to do with your actual memory.

    Windows 9x is hard coded to use a specific amount of memory only for it's resources. Adding more memory won't do anything to fix it.

    This is one advantage of WinNT and Win2k. They don't have hardcoded limitations like this. Hopefully no future Microsoft OSs will have hardcoded limitations either.

    But yes, ANY OS, especially a GUI, will suck up memory. Think about how much memory an 800x600 16 million color bitmap takes up. Now think of your actual Windows settings and how many individual programs are running. Just for the GUI aspect alone memory is being sucked up. This is the nature of ALL GUIs. It's the price that you pay to have icons and windows instead of a text prompting.

    And yes, it's really a lot more complex than that. That's just an exremely simplified example to point out why Windows takes up so much memory.

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  8. EVERY 2 HOURS!?!?!? what are running on, 16 megs???

    my puters on 98 and it gets rebooted about once a fortnight on average, and thats when im installing some new piece of hardware or software or are doing something to the network or something like that. 2 hours is WAYYYY too much


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  9. Somehow I got the feeling that WinME was some kind of MS Light.. you know like some "light" version of Win98, which sux too. Go for Windows 2000 and you'll find a pretty good M$ product. Then again if you're going to pay full retail it's *pricy*
  10. 128mb more like!

    But, to be fair, I no longer have to do that. Before, I used to have a lot of apps loaded in win 98. Now I use Win2k for that.

    But win98 still aint to good at cleaning up after programs. When I play games, sometimes it leaves the system unstable after exiting. So, I still reboot after that. I suppose its a trust thing.

    vc++, Frontpage, Dreamweaver Ultradev, Photoshop and a few instances of Internet explorer and a couple of command windows.

    I kinda like doing everything together.

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  11. Win2k and NT don't have memory leaks. Also your trusting a crapy M$ program to tell you your free resources. Win2k is great at handling ram and virtual mem. I run 256 megs of ram and usually dont drop below 180megs physical free. Right now i have 4 internet explorer windows open(mostly macromedia flash intense pages), Word, Excel, Access, Outlook, Publisher, Power Point, Visual C++, VB, Interdev, AIM, and winamp. Still have 90 megs of ram free and using 199 megs of mem. Close them out, and go back to 170 megs free ram. Win9x mem support has always sucked, same as its networking. You want a real MS OS get win2k.

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  12. I've got ME and it usually sits at about 50% free, running 128 MB. But, I got this program called TweakAll that lets you see what amount is free and lets you free it up whenever. I just checked it before posting it, and it had only 5% free!! So, I tried to free 96 MB, it went up to 50% free. I did it again, and now it is 70% free at 90 megs. I'm guessing doing that every now and again before you run a memory intensive program or game will keep performance good.

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  13. Not much of a trick

    not dissing you at all
    but thats been well known since windos 95

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