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Windows 7 ultimate not oem

i have M2A-VM mother board just installed windows 7 home premium 64bit now i have no sound and when i put my board driver cd in it says it dont support my sytem . how wouldi get my sound 2 work when i try to play some thing like music its like a cb or some sort of interferince .any help ?
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  1. Ultimate ?
  2. Brett928S2 said:
    Ultimate ?

    not sure it just say windows 7 home premium 64 bit os
  3. the cd i have came from a buddy i have my own code but the cd has like 6 or 7 diff os all windows 7 there x64 and the top 1's are x86 what ever that is not sure like i said im new to this comp stuff
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    You are asking for help with software piracy. The rules of this forum do not allow us to help you with stealing.
  5. We cannot verify that you own the product key. Plus, Windows, in all its various versions, does not come on one CD. My advice: buy a copy.
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