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I have an AMD Duron 700mhz with a 250 watt power supply. I want to upgrade to a 1.2ghz Thunderbird. Would this work? I know that the T-Bird is an A socket, so I know that would fit phyiscally. But is the power supply enough and is it just a simple plug in operation? Thanks for the help!
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  1. if your motherboard is set to detect the CPU settings automatically (if you've never done this or seen in on your mobo or anything chances are it is), then it's just plug in and go (not without the heatsink and fan, of course.)

    I would advise at least a 300watt power supply, especially if you have a lot of things needing power (eithernet cards, dvdrom, burner, powerful graphics card, more then 1 hd, etc).

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  2. Is upgrading a power supplu a big deal? How much are they?
  3. It depends if you know what you're doing in your case. A 300W PS can cost anywhere from 30-70 bucks...People will have opinions on brands. If you know what you're doing, you can definately install that thing, but if you don't, you should proably spend the money to get a new case w/ 300W PS.

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  4. in response to getting a new case, if he can't change the power supply then i definately would not recommend getting a new case because that would involve swapping everything. however, changing the power supply is simple...approximately 4 screws and unplugging/re-plugging stuff. as far as wattage, a name brand 300 watt is recommended. personally, i have a 1ghz t-bird (900 overclocked) with 2 7200rpm hard drives, dvd drive, cd-rw, 2 case fans, sb live, and a geforce2 gts...all with a no name 250 watt power supply with no problems. if you have a 250 watt, try it first and only buy a new one if you have problems.
  5. A power supply is very very easy to isntall

    In the back of the tower where the back of the power supply is

    there are screws which olg it to the metl tower
    unscrew them but ....... first unplug the power from the motherboard, hard drive, floppy and cdroms

    then hold the power supply with one hand while the cover is off of course and unscrew the back

    Only tricky part is holding it and if u dotn old it it will fall down on ur video card and maybe hit the motherboard

    its so simple
    then the new power supply
    goes in the same way the old one came out screw in and rehook up the power cables to the motherboard and devices

    One thing you have to know is..
    the powersupply has this back plate screwed into it morelikely
    unscrew the plate from the old one and put it on the new one
    this holds the powersuplly and clips to the back tower for extra suport

    easy as installing a AMD processor

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  6. you dont need a new psu, thats just a myth. you dont need sh1t, just buy a 1.2ghz t-bird and shove it in


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