Need some help with choosing a mechanical Keyboard

So I am planning to upgrade both my mouse and keyboard after staying with my old LG set for a couple of years now :(
Right now I'm either thinking of getting a Corsair k90 and M60 or the Gigabyte Osmium and Krypton mouse.
Just by the looks and brands I would definitely get the Corsair set but I'm worried about the software it has. After browsing the net for a while I have seen alot of reviews and feedback talking about how some individual keys don't lit up and how the macro keys are too troublesome to program. If any one has one of these, does the newest firmware update fix these issues?

If not then I'll definitely go for the osmium, reason being simply of the single USB 3.0 slot. As my computer is pretty far away from reach, the port would really provide convenience for me. As well as of course the backlit keys and looks of it :D

I was also thinking of the Steelseires 7g but because of reading everywhere on the net of how the keys were fading real quick I quickly left the decision to buy one.

I really need someone that owns or knows alot about any of these products to help me get to my final decision, thanks!
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    you might also want to look into das keyboards, deck keyboards and unicomp keyboards.
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