Cannot start laptop

Suddenly, on my Toshiba satellite 1110, when I plug in the mains, no light appears (the light on the transformer is on, showing power in.) Nor can I get any response from pressing the 'ON' button.

Any ideas?


Roger M
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  1. Do you have any other information for us? The best we could do with what you gave us is, "It's broken"
  2. Yeah. I got the thing working (loose connection). BUT...I had reformatted prior to giving it to my granddaughter. Now I can get an OS up (Windows ME) and I have the XP SP2 ready to load but, guess what, the computer will now not recognize 'D' (CD) drive. The drawer opens OK and when I put the disk in and close it up I can hear the drive working as normal but the CD light doesn't show and My Computer doesn't indicate the presence of a CD disk drive.
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