Athlon beat the P4 or did it?

Here's where i'm at right now. A month ago the Athlon was being compared with the P4 and beat the P4 in benchmarks placed before the two systems.

It was said that the Athlon was able to compete with the P4 because software was not yet optimized for the P4's technology. Once that happened the P4 would be much better than the Athlon.

Now I hear people comparing the Athlon to the PIII. Why? How can it compete with the P4 one day and then even be compared to the PIII the next? Is the Athlon toe to toe with the P4 or PIII?

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  1. Well my sister has a mustang and I have a venture...
    Even though one can go faster than the other I'm driving my venture faster than my sister is driving her mustang..

    Does that make the venture faster than the mustang ?


    It all depends on the software used and how it was compiled.

    software is compiled for P3 right now so they may compare ATHLON with P3 in a clock on clock basis.. But then could we compare an ATHLON with a G4 ? no because essentially they aren't running the same software ( But I know that G4 is faster than any PC cpu right now ).

    So it depends on 2 points

    1 - Your point of reference
    2 - If you compare the same thing.
  2. The same goes with the T-Birds. There are no software programs that take advantage of it's specs. Intel is pushing clockspeeds up to 1.7 Ghz now because even they know the T-Birds are performing better.

    The chip war is still going on, and faster and faster chips keep coming out. Palomino will come out probably by the fall. And we will see the Hammer family come out mid-2002 which will blow Intel out of the water when they debut. Intel will try and battle it all with the Itanium Processor.

    As for the P4's...they are not living up to the hype.
  3. In Most of the Current Software Even the P3 can Match the P4. And, The Athlon TBird outclasses the P3. Right Now The Athlon Is faster than the P4 in almost all aspects.

    The P4 runs at higher clockspeeds, but that means nothing. In any case, The Current P4 is a non-upgradable path. The next one should be out soon. It will have higher speed Palomino Chips from AMD as competition.

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  4. Right now the P4 doesn't really even keep up with the Athlon or the PIII.

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  5. P4 kills athlon in most tests, there are a few test with unoptimized software where athlon/P3 win.

    Flask for example on P4 kills best of athlon by wide margin, so wide that its not even a fair compairison.

    P4 has superior bandwidth, only problem with P4 is the new fab change. its going to be .13 micron soon.

    P4 scores as high as the Alpha processors in spec2000 benchmarks. AMD connot score anywhere near P4 or Alpha

    Now for all the AMD lemmings to chime it with the regurgitated crap they been spewing.

    Go back and ejoy every other post where someone fried, cracked or generally messed up AMD cpu's in this forum.

    Only benchmark AMD wins without fail is the "keychain" benchamark. claims of 2~8 seconds have been reported. I only scored just under 2 minutes =(
  6. i'm affraid i don't understand how you can say that the "p4 kills athlon in most tests" Tom's new review of the 1300/1333 athlon, the athlon outperformed the p4 in all but a few benchmarks (

    i have no problem with people who support intel, just kindly provide evidence for your argument.
  7. Just admit it fugger, intel doesn't have the fastest chip right now. Stop being a baby about it. If the "average" person bought a P4 they are a sucker. AMD chips work fine, fast, and cheap.

    As far as people having problems with AMD...everytime some one has a problem with a system and they have an amd chip you blame it on AMD. You have no trouble shooting skills and you are a burden to people wanting the truth. People that use amd are lemmings? Listen to yourself. You suck, as a person and as someone who works with computers...

    Get a clue, get AMD...DORK

    Opinions are like assholes, everyone has one and most of them stink
  8. Fugger, in the begining of your posting history you argued with some good logical points about Intel's strengths and AMD's weeknesses. You overstated that logic a lot to prove your point, but I forgave you. I was glad to see a pro intel person to put a check on some of the people who like AMD a litte too much.

    Now you are just spouting irrational and unfactual statements to piss off AMD fans. Don't you have anything better to do with your time? Your venture to piss off AMD fans is pretty lame if you ask me. Either go back to using some logic and being a rational debater or simply find a more productive use of your time. Either way you probably need to GET A LIFE. All of these stupid AMD vs Intel wars are getting old, I am having to go to other tech forums to get real discussions.

    Finally admit to the fact that AMD does win in most benchmarks and almost all software is not optimized for SSE2. Sorry. Intel is a great company, but I would have to say it is loosing right now(don't worry they still have about 88% of the marketshare).

    To counter your other arguments. I was a first time system builder recently. I choose a duron 650 because it is cheap and fast. I had absolutely no problems putting it together. No heat problems or compatibility problems. AMD used to work on incompatiable chipsets but they are pretty much up to par with intel now. Sorry again.

    You should read one of the latest news wire on AMD. The press is finally realing just how good AMD's new processors are. Stock is up about 13% today(march 22).
  9. A little off topic, but just to add to your comments about AMD's stock, check this out:<A HREF="" target="_new"></A>
  10. You have to admit you do hassle him as much as he hassles you guys ... now play nice before i take ou the wooden spoon!!!


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  11. thanks con, I owe you one here ya go <A HREF="" target="_new"></A>

    "Amd cpu...Gone in 2 secs flat, it truly is a fast chip!"
  12. Thanks, MeltDown. I hear they're going to start making dildos too. You'll be first in line to buy one I'm sure.

    Oh, and for a limited time, Intel is offering a free RIMM with selected Dildos.
  13. great example... so true...

    <b><font color=blue>Note to self: Never buy <i>anything</i> without checking with <font color=red>Tom</font color=red> first...
  14. Fugger, open your mind and stop being such a hypocrite... it's annoying..

    I don't mind if you like Intel and hate AMD, but don't be biased and only give the specs for P4 beating the Ath...

    I'm not one of your patented "amd lemmings" i just think you need to look at the wider picture and see the future of AMD <b>INTEL</b>...


    <b><font color=blue>Note to self: Never buy <i>anything</i> without checking with <font color=red>Tom</font color=red> first...
  15. lol fugger can u show me those benchmarks non biased of course of P4 killing Athlon!
    and don't show me memory benchmarks I already know that's a fact. ( but I give that vitory to Rambus not p4)

    another fact u seem to forget ur comparing a 1500 mhz cpu against a 1200 mhz cpu! You do the math!
  16. I'm a technician repairing computers in a store (doing this part-time I'm studying also ) ... And as such I'm always trying to make things clear to my clients.. And I'm using those kind of examples. I'm selling computers but I don't receive any comission... so mainly I'm making sure the client is aware of such things and in the end they usually buy at my shop because I told them the right things.
  17. Your post isn't objective.. You may have an opinion and sharing it with us.. But respect is also the key for a nice community and a nice communication..

    All I wanted to say is that you may hate AMD, but the truth is for once there's a competitor to intel...

    All that I can say is the customer is the big winner of this because it drops the cpu prices.
  18. No it didn't, all the benchmarking places are lying.

    "648kb is all the space anyone will ever need!"

    Bill Gates, 1980s
  19. Question why dont they show all the benchmark results hmm those tests have a hell of a lot more results than what we are seeing.Just makeing a point:)


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  20. what are you talking about? They show the results!

    "648kb is all the space anyone will ever need!"

    Bill Gates, 1980s
  21. what are you talking about? They show the results!

    "648kb is all the space anyone will ever need!"

    Bill Gates, 1980s
  22. The truth will always provail..

    THe better chip will win

    <b><font color=blue>Note to self: Never buy <i>anything</i> without checking with <font color=red>Tom</font color=red> first...
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