Battery or motherboard?

I have a compac pessorio V6000, have had to buy a new adaptor every year since I got it 4 years ago. 2 weeks ago had to get a new battery. Now sometimes not always when I close it at night, the next day the 3 blue flashing light will not stay on and seems battery is not "catching" if you wait a couple of hours it will finally come on, someone thought it might be the motherboard. thx for help
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  1. If the computer runs okay on the power adapter with the battery removed chances are the adapter's okay but there's a problem with the motherboard (the way it's eating power adapters suggets that too).
  2. /thx, I am sorry, but I double posted this question, please delete the 2nd one, I did not see your answer here this AM.

    Do you have any idea what a motherboard/labor would cost, or would I be better off just buying new?
  3. Worth seeing a repair guy but some now charge just for looking at it.

    I think if the machine is approaching 5 years it would not be worth paying (say) $200 for repair if you can buy a newer computer secondhand for about that. Or a brand new one for $700.

    Meanwhile, if you've not yet destroyed the latest power adapter, I'd go on using this computer on mains power (the wire fraying is down to you, I'd imagine)
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