Whether to go for dell xps 15 or not

whether to go for dell xps 15
hey guys please advise me wheter to go for the dell xps 15
my config would be
PROCESSOR Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-480M processor(2.66GHz, 4Threads, turbo boost up to 2.93Ghz, 3M cache)
OPERATING SYSTEM Genuine Windows® 7 Home Premium 64bit (English)
SECURITY SOFTWARE McAfee(R) Security Center - 30 Days Trial Version
DISPLAY 15.6 HD (1366x768) WLED display with TrueLife™
MEMORY 4GB 1333MHz DDR3 SDRAM (1 x 4G) (operates at 1066MHZ for Core i5 processors)
HARD DRIVE 750GB 7200RPM Hard Drive
OPTICAL DRIVE Tray Load 8X DVD+/-RW Drive with DVD+R double layer write capability
VIDEO CARD 1GB NVIDIA® GeForce® GT 420M graphics with Bluetooth (with WIDI)
BATTERIES 6 Cell Primary Battery
KEYBOARD Dell™ Backlit Keyboard with Touchpad (English)

now thing is i went through the complaints and found out that the usb3.0 had problems detecting the devices ..and also some thing regarding the nvida graffics software as it doesnt work properly while playing high end games
now my clarifications needed are ..whether the usb3.0 will detect the old usb2.0 devices like pen drives, external hard disks and camera devices,,is there any important thign that i need to know in it

and seconldy about the graffics card ..is there any problem in it does it play the games properly...
also is there any other problems in this modell that i need to know

and overall please advise whether to go for this or not.................also me in bangalore,india and i need to know wat all the problems faced by the customer who have taken it here
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  1. USB 3.0 is backwards compatible, so it may be a driver issue that Dell has resolved by now.


    What do you mean in regard to the GPU not working properly with high end games? The 420m GPU is a decent mobile chip, but keep in mind it is exactly that: a mobile chip. It will do alright with most modern games in the sense that it can handle decent FPS, but it won't be able to handle games flawlessly like a desktop GPU.
  2. oh ok thanks mate...so usb2.0 devices will work in usual way in usb3.0
  3. As a rule, I do not buy Dell. Have a look at some similarly priced Clevo/Sager model machines. They often have noticably better build quality, better battery life and better performance dollar-for-dollar.
    I do not know how much you plan to pay for your Dell, but the very first computer on this list, for under $800, will out perform the XPS 15 in every area except storage space, though that can be upgraded on the Sager for a mere $75.

    Hope this helps,
  4. I have a Dell XPS 1330 - a few generations back.

    It has a very nice build quality, better than the more 'standard' Dell laptops.

    I got it 'refurbished', i.e. new, with some component replaced (a very good option to save some money if you find one with specs you want), and I have had it now for 1.5 years without a problem. (At the time, the specs were almost identical to the 15" Macbook Pro, including the switchable video). I came with Vista back then , free upgrade to Win 7 Home Premium 64-bit.
  5. BigSQL, do you play video games on your Dell? If so, what is the heat on the laptop like? I have heard that the Dell XPS can have serious overheating issues. I have a friend who once burnt his hand on a Dell while he had it running Crysis...

    Also, I am not saying that Dell is not a good brand, what I am saying is that you can get the same stuff at a lower price from other companies. Also, buying refurbished laptops means there is no warranty - unless the retailer offers one.

  6. The refurbs come with a 1yr mail in warranty you can upgrade to in home for about $50 I just picked an xps 15 and love it. It hasn't got hot yet the wife plays SL on it for many hours a day you may have to set up some things to run on the 420m instead of intel graphics but it's easy to do no problems with usb 3.0 running usb 2.0 devices
  7. Oh ok. Cool. Maybe my the reviews I have seen and the laptop my friend had are different, older models (or have higher-performance parts).
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