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Cm storm scout on/off switch doesnt work

Just bought a CM storm scout case. Mobo is a z77 extreme4. Problem: The two fans, which come with the red lights, will not work. I do have power through the molex connectors and both fans are spinning. I cannot, however, get any red light out of them. Now, I tried connecting the 2 pin via a adaptor into a molex and a did get red light. But, that will not enable the on/off led switch on the front to work?

So, I tried the obvious, connecting the molex's into the molex's. Got power. Tried connecting the 2 little male pins into the two female connectors from the top that control the on/off switch and doesn't work?
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    Looked again in the mass of cables on side....there it was...a single molex connector hiding that still needed to be connected. Problem solved.
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