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I have a USB credit card reader that has a normal USB connector designed to hook up to a PC. I am trying to attach this to a Motorola Xyborg tablet. I purchased a USB to Micro USB cable like this one:

When I use that to connect the credit card reader to the tablet it works.

Next I cut the USB male plug off of the CC reader and cut the female USB connector off the adapter cable and spliced them together. There were 4 wires in each, red, white, green and black. I spliced them together putting the same color with the same color.

When I tried connecting the CC reader with its' new micro USB connector to the tablet it gets power but it does not work. There is an LED light on the reader which is supposed to be green, when I connect it this way the LED is red.

From what I gather, I probably have the pinout wrong. What do I need to do to make this work?
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  1. you could also have a bad connection. or you may have broken a wire.

    for pin diagrams just type into google "usb pin diagram" and "micro usb pin diagram".

    why wouldnt you have just bought a male usb to male micro usb cable from the get go? adapter cables come in just about any configuration you can think of.
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