AMD CPUs incompatible?

Hi all!
I have a Duron 750 in my office, running on Asus A7V, and running very well.

I also got a Duron 600 for my home, but got a crappy motherboard (it was the only available then with us :-( , I had a post about it earlier replying to another UNlucky-star struck K7VAT owner)
It was the Luckystar K7VAT, and on that my machine seems to have all kins of problems. It boots fine, performs acceptably well, but crashes on almost all graphics applications. First, the Windows Media Player 2 hangs after playing (videos) for a while, Acad continuously gives out errors about pagefaults, but doesnt crash, runs the app. solidworks seems to have allergy about AMD cpus, even after installing the patch for it and even the service pack that is supposed to work with AMD cpus, it dint work. click on any menu item or any toolbar it screams "AMD CPU detected"! I suspect delibrate rejection of AMD chips with such an error.

I dint try this all on my office Duron/A7V and am not sure about the errors. But are these errors due to the motherboard or the Duron itself is the culprit? Although I am a system integrator, I dont have enough AMD machines to compare against, hence this public query.

I am eager to throw away the board into the river, but only after it is proved the culprit. I have very good experiences with my earlier AMD cpus, the Am486 and K6-II.


die-hard fans, do not have have heat-sinks!
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  1. You get what you pay for. and it seems you wanted to save alot.

    But now your paying the price. so where is that price/performance ratio? doesn't mean crap when your machine doesn't work.

    Buy more AMD!
  2. Oh my god man yer going on a rampage.


    <font color=blue>Just some advice from your friendly neighborhood blue man </font color=blue> :smile:
  3. i dint wanted to save anything, just that there were no other mobos around except this one, it was friday and i wanted the machine urgently. couldnt wait for 2 days. it was just my home machine, so i went for it :-(

    Americans have no problem getting what they want, although unbelievable, this was the situation here in my town, in India.
    and you wont believe no one in my town has heard about KM133 Asus A7VI-VM or A7S-VI as yet!!! (according to enquiries made on 19th and 20th Mar 2001, with ALL major suppliers) you can know the state of market in India.

    hey fugger, you wanted a cost effective platform for AMD, just think what can a Duron/KM133 or SiS730s do to celeron/810. try calculating your cost/performance ratio!

    but the machine performs all my routine work very well, very fast. only complain is about compatibility, is it or really there or it is not? i will have to test them on my office Duron 700/A7V, where i did not try to save any money!

    fugger gets one more chance to frown at AMD.


    die-hard fans, do not have have heat-sinks!
  4. First i would try to narrow down the problem. Is it software or hardware? What OS are you running? Check the ram swap it out and put in ram from another computer that you know that it has no problems. Take out cards that you dont need to run the computer with. Update your drivers for your video, put a differnt cpu on the motherboard. Make a list of steps that you need to do and go from there.

    Good Luck

  5. Yep, you gotta go thru process of breaking your machine down and testing with bare system and building back up it if works @ bare state.

    Another thing you might want to do is list what hardware you have installed, soundcard, modem, network, etc...

    There are a few cards that are problematic for AMD like SupraExpress 56i.

    GL diagnosing the problem. time is money that is not factored into the price/performance ratio.
  6. Ignore Fugger. He is a qualified technician for Oatmeal.

    I don't have a Duron or a "Lucky" motherboard so I cannot offer any first hand advice.

    But everything I have read about the Duron suggests 100% compatibility (for the T-Bird as well).

    When I first assembled my system (T-Bird 900 with Abit-KT7 RAID), it too froze on any graphic intensive applications. The fix was to reinstall the 4 in 1 drivers at with the AGP driver set to STANDARD mode, rather then TURBO. This was with the VIA 4.24 drivers. While my system became stable, it did lose about 10fps.

    I then tried the 4.26 VIA drivers. These installed at the TURBO setting with no stability problems.

    You didn't mention the video card you are using. It is possible that it does not work well at AGP 4x. Using the STANDARD setting of the VIA AGP driver turns off the AGP 4x.
  7. well, i have tried all those. started from bare system with only display card put in, tried with 3 diff RAM modules, changed the hard disk, even the CPU. havent used these softwares on my other Duron/A7V, but i guess they wont run as badly. i even monitored the cpu temp, doesnt get past 45 anytime. i am using win98 se, and followed every update to VIA 4in1 driver set, to no avail.

    i guess its the motherboard. but its doing very well with my routine work, doesnt crash, boots fast, performs very well, quite stable, just *some* graphics apps dont work. has anybody tried 3d solidworks99/2000 with/without service pack that is supposed to work with AMD chips, Acad2k, mplayer2 on Duron/Athlon?


    die-hard fans, do not have have heat-sinks!
  8. AMD is NOT 100% Intel compatable!! WTF is wrong with you. spewing lies like that should get you shot.

    AMD will never be 100% compatable or the packaing would say "Intel Inside"

    Try reducing your AGP from 4x to 2x and are you running win2k? there is a downloadable workaround for known incompatabilities with in2k and AMD. its not a fix to the problem.
  9. well, everybody says AMD is 100% compatible with all apps except a few (as listed on AMD site, with patches and wrorkaround provided) and thats what is worrying me. since its only te graphics problems, now i am forced to suspect the graphics card as the culprit.

    to everybody's surprise, it is not any AGP card, but a Diamond Viper V330 PCI with 4 MB SDRAM! its an old card i had with me, and just used it here. but it is listed in win98se! so i though i dint need to consider it. well, i will have to change the driver to that came with the card, or put another display card to test whether it works.

    thx for ur help guys, standby for the latest AMD compatibility/incompatibily report tommorow.


    die-hard fans, do not have have heat-sinks!
  10. Posting crap like this doesn't make you look good. Both AMD and Intel are x86 compatible, mostly only difference between them is what you get from CPUID. AMD just may not be compatible with package "Idiot Inside"... Oh yeah, I have some stuff under x86-linux that runs only on AMD processors, too (hard-coded 3DNow). SO WHAT ??

    BSOD: Intel's commercial made by M$ (blue men dancing in the blue room).
  11. "well, everybody says AMD is 100% compatible with all apps except a few"

    "except a few" part excludes AMD from being 100% compatable.
  12. Another "Fabricated Fugger Fact".

    Next comes the name calling and then the tantrum.
  13. well, my amd chips run well with linux, no problems so far, with win98, no problems with win2k, no problems with winnt.
    some apps are bit allergic to AMD cpus, just like solidworks which say "AMD CPU detected" and refuse to work. is this a real incompatibility or just designed "only for intel"? are incompatibilities so generalised that a whole range of cpus from a single manufacturer is left out?

    ever heard of cyrix having any compatibility issues? had some patches for quake and some other games. then why AMD? i dont have any probs with it till date with my other apps.

    AMD and intel are both x86 compatible, and all reviews, manufacturer's compatibility reports, all applications that run on them, people working with them dont complain about it. then what has *some* apps to do with specific chips?

    i had win 95 oem 2.1, which needed a patch for proper bootup on K6. the patch was from microsoft for win95 and not for AMD K6. you can read the issue from the ms knowledge bank.


    die-hard fans, do not have have heat-sinks!
  14. fugger don't be so anal...

    <font color=red>This is a forum, not a chat room. You aren't going to find a date here.</font color=red>
  15. Bigguy, I know its rough being stuck on page 1 of your AMD owners handbook.

    But please go find me a link from AMD website where they claim to be 100% intel compatable. Thanks

    Now that your super lame attempt to discredit me has failed. try to do something constructive like learn about the topic your posting on.
  16. Fugger,

    You don't need me to discredit you. You've done a fine job all by yourself.
  17. >some apps are bit allergic to AMD cpus, just like
    >solidworks which say "AMD CPU detected" and refuse to >work. is this a real incompatibility or just
    >designed "only for intel"? are incompatibilities so
    >generalised that a whole range of cpus from a single
    >manufacturer is left out?

    It's probably some SSE optimizations, and it means that solidworks was to lazy to put in work-arounds for CPUs without these special instruction. This means that you'll have to upgrade solidworks (which is very expensive!) if intel ever breaks compatibility with this instruction set on a new CPU.

    SSE is also the reason that P4s suck on your run of the mill floating point intensive apps until they get optimized for SSE. AMD has a similar feature called 3DNow, but I think they're going to implement the SSE/SSE2 instructions in the next generation chips.

    In theory, there is no difference between theory and practice.
    In practice, there is.
  18. don't listen to fugger, he thinks one incompatability problem with a cheap 56k modem (which no one has) counts as a major problem. he goes around lamenting about it all the time.

    "648kb is all the space anyone will ever need!"

    Bill Gates, 1980s
  19. Please, do yourself a favor and don't listen to FUGDGEROO. AMD chips are 100% x86 compatible, not 85, 90, or 99.9%. If it runs on Intel it runs on AMD. The compatibilities issue is a myth that people like FUGDEROO like to perpetuate because he's insanely devoted to Intel. Perhaps he can supply us all with a list of OS's or apps. that won't run on AMD?

    Keep this in mind when you're wondering if AMD chips are compatible. AMD used to FAB processors for Intel. I would say they have a pretty good understanding of what makes x86 processors tick.

    Girish...take your Duron 600 to work and pop it into your work system. I believe you'll quickly discover that it's not the CPU.
  20. i am stressing on graphics apps, all my routine apps work well on AMD chips. it is the graphics apps i am concerned with. is this an issue with potential SSE/SSE2, 3DNow! and MMX and eMMX incompatibilities. it might be just an issue of instruction timings, as it it was the case with K6 bootup issue with Win95 OSR 2.1


    <font color=blue>die-hard fans don't have heat-sinks!</font color=blue>
  21. I can't say for certain, but I did read in a trustworthy publication that Pentium * Processors are no longer true x86, whereas the K7 is....
  22. What the heck is all this "Intel Compatible" junk? Does that mean that if Intel has a bug in one of their CPUs that has been coded around, that AMD ought to have it too? I'm sure there is software out there that has problems with Intel CPUs, just like some have had problems with AMD. What if ATI began touting their Video boards to be "nVidia compatible?"
    It just doesn't add up... Both CPUs work with most all software on the market, so there is no need to start a flame war over it...

  23. Intel chips are not compatible with 100% hardware, straight off, no way. As for software, what the heck are you using? The only programs not compatible with AMD, Cyrix or even IDT are really archaic dos programs which no-one uses any more. The idea of the PC is that components from different manufacturers can be used. If you want to get a buzz from incompatibility, buy a G4 PowerCac.

    Find me one example of an app not compatible with AMD from the last 3 years and I'll give you $30,000. Maybe then you'll be able to afford a P4.

    Also, why is your name now in small letters? Maybe you've finally managed to contract your ego.

    ~ I'm not AMD biased, I just think their chips are better. ~
  24. As always, as soon as you ask for specific info that you can verify, the intel lemmings stop replying.
  25. You are have mostly video lock ups? What is the video card? its a driver issue nothing more and don't listen to fugger, he can't see past his nose unless its got Intel stamped on it......

    List your different parts here and I know we can help......

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