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I have an acer, windows vista laptop. So I forgot the password to my laptop due to not using it for sometime. What I would like to know is if I buy windows vista upgrade when I try to install it if it will overide the windows currently on it, so to make a new partition? and later erase the old one or overide it which ever, I just want to know if it will work.
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  1. This password you forgot?
    Was it the Windows Vista Password? Or the laptop BIOS password?

    Can you start your laptop tapping the F2 key and F8 keys frequently and get into the BIOS options and Advanced Boot options?
  2. No, the upgrade will simply carry over the same user accounts. Use the original disks to restore the partition. If no disk was provided, then there should be a restore partition on your hard drive that you can use to overwrite the current install and leave it running like it did from the factory. If you can't use that then you're a double dumb ass for forgetting the password and not making restore disks with the included program when you got the laptop. Of course if you stole that laptop you wouldn't have that anyway ^_^
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