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I have Samsung SCX-4623F It give me an error message #02-000 and it does not print. It is still under warranty but I cannot get a straight answer from Samsung. They say that it may be caused by misuse and that is not covered under the warranty. They tell me that they cannot give me an estimate and that it could cost more than $119 which is the cost of the printer. Any ideas? Please help
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  1. You're preaching to the choir. I've had my Samsung CLX-6220FX ($650) for 2 years and 4 months. Recently, the transfer belt ($200) failed and started grinding ridiculously. According to the printer report, the transfer belt has 74% of its life remaining. I have called and e-mailed Samsung multiple times, and they refuse to do anything about it. It's clearly defective. I posted on their facebook page, and got a response stating that they were sorry I was frustrated. No follow-up for 6 days now.

    Their mobile phone accessory support sucks too. They've had a defective car dock of mine for 3 weeks, and just FINALLY sent me a replacement. Completely different product.

    They are absolute idiots.
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