nothing shows up on the screen! help!

About 2 or 3 weeks ago, my computer started locking up (home-built 1.4 athlon, asus mobo, geforce2mx video card, etc.) Well, this past week when it locked up, it took about 3 or 4 tries to get it started all the way, until finally two days ago it totally died. Nothing shows up on the screen at all. Thinking it could be the video card, I place a spare video card in the AGP slot. Nothing. So I figure it's probably the motherboard. Today I splurged and got an athlon 2400 cpu, asus a7n8x (nforce2), new 400 watt power supply, and an msi geforce4ti4200. Lo and behold when I set up my pc, nothing appears on the screen again. WHAT COULD THIS BE?! BTW, I'm still using the old DDR2100 crucial ram from before. One time I did get to the bios, but it locked up. (It also showed an error, CHANGE OF CPU TO 1800-or something to that sort). I checked the monitor. I don't even get the video card bios to load. If anybody could help at all, I would GREATLY appreciate it. Thanks! Jim Heine
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  1. look in the manual for how to clear CMOS, then see if it comes up. It might be trying to drive the RAM too fast.

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  2. Ok, Here is my first question to you, did you use the same case with the same power supply. If you did try another powersupply, it may be fried, it will spin and not enough power to the computer to the computer because it is dead, also, if the powersupply fried, it is likely that it also fried out the memory, if a powersupply fries out usually the first thing to go is the ram. Since you went out and probably spent close to 500 dollars on parts, go buy yourself a top notch powersupply, my recomindation is to get one with a minimum of 450 watts. Antec would be your best bet, get one that says TruePower on it. I had all the same problems and it fried my motherboard, ram, and tweaked my chip. Check to see if your powersupply is good, even if it is, go get a really good one, you will thank yourself later
  3. Make sure the standoffs are completely preventing the board from shorting at all...

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