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Hey, I've been looking into mp3 players, and have been leaning toward buying the Creative Zen NX. Does anyone have any info on the ipod v nx, or have any thing to say in general? I'm looking for a 40g mp3 player. Thx
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  1. I have a Zen Xtra and it's bigger / less stylish that the IPOD, but cheaper and it plays WMA.

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  2. I'd go for the iRiver H340 or IHP-140. It plays MP3, WMA, ASF, WAV, and OGG music files. It also has an FM tuner and voice recorder. My little brother has an IHP-120 and it has incredible sound quality and battery life. The nicest thing about it is that you just plug it in and it is seen right away as a portable hd, you can just drag and drop files to/from it w/o an special drivers or software. the zen and ipod reqire their proprietary software to load/remove audio from the player.

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  3. Actually the Ipod's files are hidden
    If you want you can add and remove files as well
    Its a little more complicated though

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  4. The zen is MUCH bettter, it can play all of the files that the I-river can, it is a much simpler file system than both I-river and Ipod. Better sound quality than both of them, usability is as simple as any and best of all ITS MUCH CHEAPER than any of them. Tom's has an article reviewing them which says the same.

  5. I think the only real downfall of the zen is the size, ipod and iriver have a big advantage in that aspect.

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