First Server Build for a School

Hello everyone! Been a follower for a while now, but now I've found myself in need of some help.

I've been put in charge of building a new server for a small school district (roughly 400 kids all together). Current setup is 6 physical servers with virtual machines inside that. They run anything from - DNS, DHCP, Printing, File Storage, Active Directory, web site (which is getting done away with), backup.

The plan is to get this down to 3 physical servers. We have new server from last year we are going to use and have another one that will do. But we need to build 1 more awesome server with a UPS and rack included. Trying to keep it around 20k. My question is, what is a reliable place to build server? Any recommendations on what to include on the server build would be appreciated.

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  1. Hi :)

    Sorry to say this ...but...if you are asking those questions here at NEED to find someone more capable than you to do this....

    PAY a Professional network/server company for the servers and setup...

    All the best Brett :)
  2. Thanks for the respond, but I'm more than capable of building one to my spec's and know what the spec's can handle. Defiantly learned in this field that it doesn't hurt to have someone else's opinion. Just looking for a good place to deal with. Will probably go with IBM, or aberdeen server.
  3. No one has ever been fired for buying an IBM server :D
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