Help me Intel People

I want to get a 700E p3 processor

should i get slot 1 or FCPGA type?

The reason i want to get one is an overclocking project and i hear these are real easy overclockers up 933 or so? (133 bus speed)

so i need to know what type, a good mainboard that would support pc-133 ram, mainly asus or abit, and i don't care what chipset intel or via no problem with either of them.

if theirs anything else i need please feel free to help me out thanks!
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  1. Easy as this-get the Asus CUSL2 or CUSL2-C, the PIII 700E FC-PGA, some Crucial Cas2 PC133, set th motherboard to 133/133/33 and voltage to 1.75v, and your working at 933. If you want more, try bumping it up to 140 at 1.85v. After the stability test, determine if you can go one step lower on the voltage (or if you need to go one step higher). I use 3D Mark 2000 for stability testing.

    For cooling, get at LEAST a Coolmaster DP-6H51, or a stock Large Intel cooler (this is what I use), as the stock 700E cooler is a smaller unit. If you want more cooling, check Tom's cooler review for beter units.

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  2. thanks alot thats real helpful i'll post later on if all goes well
  3. Just curious...I'm planning on buying the Asus CUSL2-C with PIII 733EB FCPGA. Can this be overclocked as easily?
  4. The 733 is an EB chip (5.5x133). It can be easily overclocked to 825@150. Beyond that, you will prabably need to change the memory speed using the 133/100/33 setting, to go to 880@160, or 963@175 (44MHz PCI!). But setting the memory at a slower speed like that negates the reasons for such a high bus speed anyway. The options there are to either get Mushkin ram at a higher price, or live with slowed memory (less performance). Both options involve fast PCI speeds, which can lead to instability with many cards. I have been fortunate to see stability at these bus speeds in my testing (even with my SCSI card), but others have not.

    A far better chip for this would of course be the 700E (7x100), as it goes to 933 at 133, most will also go 980 at 140.

    If you want higher bus speeds that are still within reason, the 650E will go 975@150 (37MHz PCI).

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  5. if you get a P3 you are either drunk or high

    "1 Kb is all you will ever need"

    says my grandpa
  6. Oh no.....

    An AMD version of Fugger and AMDMELTDOWN.

    Not a good thing.
  7. CUSL2 or CUSL2-C is the way to go. I have an 800 running a 1004 and it runs great. I still like my AMD 1Ghz better but that is just me...same price too.
  8. well i already have had 2 amd computers no problems they both were stable (via chipsets to) and i'm just getting a p3 for fun and to start to learn to overclock and from what i read these chips work well for it.

    i'm not trying to start flame war those are just waste of time, get what u like thats basicly what it comes down to.

    but thanks for your help
  9. Does the Celeron 600, 700 or 800 MHz FCPGA have as much overclock potential as the Pentium 700E?
  10. <<<if you get a P3 you are either drunk or high>>>
    or you want a 100% stable solution with thermal protection and no heat problems.


    hmmm... you are obviously a proud amd troll and next time you flame at least post 1 bit of proof to support your bullsh*t spew.
  11. Teh 600 FC-PGA will usually go to 900 at 100MHz FSB. This usually requires at least 1.75v-1.80v core voltage. The 633 will sometimes go to 950@100. Anything higher will not even reach the 100MHz FSB. But none will go to a 133MHz FSB like the 700E, because of their high multiplier.

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  12. Spdy, yes. has a complete list of what processors can overclock too.

    Best cross ref table on net that I have found.

    CUSL2 is best overclocking choice. extreamly stable and very high performance of the i815 boards.
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