Strange noise when tapping/writing at a laptop

Hey guys, I have an Acer 5741G and I just bought it like 2 months ago. Recently it makes this strange noise when I tap everywhere on my laptop or when I'm writing( sometimes). The noise resembles a spring of some sort, just after you release it making that "boing" sound. Can you help me detect what can that sound be? On the other hand it works perfectly fine! Thanks!
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  1. this could be something loose in the part of the laptop that holds it shut when you fold it closed, there is not much else I can think of that would really do something like that. If it is only 2 months old I would see if you can have it looked at where you got it, it should have come with some kind of warranty if it was new.
  2. It's definitely something loose but I'm afraid of it being something with the HDD or the fan or worse, the CPU. It does sound as an mechanical Motherboard sound, not a joint or a binding at the screen.
  3. Well the easy way to figure out if it is internal is to close the whole thing up and tip it to the left or right. IF something is broken you will hear it hit the side. You should be able to remove your cd/dvd drive and hdd to confirm it is not one of these though too.
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