Acer aspire 4520 screen white out

Hey all,

I have an Aspire 4520 and I seem to be having an issue with my screen. It seems to want to go white on me whenever i move it. As a hopefully temporary fix I have just been leaving it on the desk open. would anybody know anything about such a problem. only hypothesis I can think of is that there must be wires being pinched by the hinges?

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  1. See if the problem happens with an external monitor.

    If it does not happen, then could be that there are some problems with wiring, or the LCD panel (expensive to replace).

    If have the same problem with external monitor, then the problem is with onboard graphics. Also expensive to repair.
  2. Well I have the same problem, I thought it was the screen but I also plugged in another sreen and got the same white screen displayed. This laptop was dropped so you say that it is somethjing internal but what are the troubleshooting steps to pin point the problem? :cry:
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