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Inspiron 600m hdd replacement

So my stepmother has this laptop and I've discovered that the hard drive has seen it's last day. I've recently bought 2 different hdds to try to use to replace it now and neither of them has actually fit.
The drive that came out of the laptop(original) is a hitachi travelstar 30gb, 4200rpm, ata/ide.

The first was one I just figured would work without doing much research.

this being the most recent:

Now that I'm going to have to return 2 drives to newegg because they aren't the correct drives, I'm really curious if there's even a drive I can use to replace?

The reason my stepmother wants to replace this drive is to give to her daughter as she doesn't have anything to use currently as a PC. She would like to cheaply replace this ~$50 as anything much over that she would be better off buying a netbook or something cheap for her.

If any other information is required, I've got the laptop with me and will be able to give anything more. And as always, All help is Appreciated!!!
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  1. That Travelstar 30gb is probably one of the compact 1.8" hard drives.

    Toshiba 60 GB 1.8" HDD
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    Boy, what terrible pix.

    But I think the first problem I noticed was that the normal (probably mini-IDE) connector on the hard drive is being obscured by an adapter which needs to be removed and added to the new drive.

    The second issue is disk capacity. You probablky need to be less ambitious and look for a drive under 80gigs -- you may have to buy secondhand.

    I'd start by going to a computer store and taking the existing drive with you. Any decent dealer will spot what I think I have observed and solve the problem.
  3. Wow, I didn't even realize that the big black thing on the original drive was an adapter >.<...

    The latest drive I have is now installed and working just fine once I switched that over! Thanks again!
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