new processor that the fastest chip ever

my cyrx 166 i bought for $1000 is faster then any intel or amd chip.(wonder if having a gas can of gasoline in a closed room has anthing to do with the speed)

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  1. You are joking correct? :smile: .

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  2. Have you blown up yet?

  3. I bet if you use a new and better cooler, you could overclock it to at least 200 Mhz!
    But you might have to up the volt a bit.
    Pair it with a Diamond S3-968/V-RAM, and your system is unbeatable.
    With a Soundblaster AWE-32 You have the best Doom2 system available.

  4. nope, rarely will they hit 200mhz.
    maybe, if you got an extra special magic MII it will run at 187... lol

    why, oh WHY, is the world run by morons?
  5. yes the speed does depend upon that gas in your gascan. you see, gas has a neurological effect that makes all cyrix processors seem 10 times as fast, but that still wouldnt explain why that would make it the fastest chip. it seems if a cyrix 166 were 10 times faster it might equal the speed of a p2 400.

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