Athlon Standby Mode Crash

I recently assembled an Athlon system using an AOPEN AK73 Motherboard. My Athlon is a 750K not overclocked. When putting the PC on standby (S3 mode) it goes to sleep fine but crashes when I try to wake it up(the mobo voice says your CPU may have a problem). It worked fine in S3 mode for a couple of days except that it would wake itself up late in the night. CPU temps are all normal. I changed the sleep mode back to S1 and it all works fine except that I hate the extra fan noise. Any insights?
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  1. if it was a intel i could tell you why but since it is AMD i am sorry

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  2. need more info on your system like os and other hardware
  3. Operating system is Win 98 SE. 300W power supply. CD-ROM, GEFORCE 2, DLink LAN Card, 128K memory. Pretty simple system.
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