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I've been using a RAT 7 mouse for some time and it's easily the most comfortable mouse I've ever used; however it's by Madcatz and therefor total junk. I've RMA'd 2 of them so far and mouse #3 just died so I'm giving up on them. Was looking for a mouse of similar size and quality but also with a pinkie rest but have yet to find any by razor or logitech. Any suggestions? Surely there's a mouse out there that's perfect for me that I'm just over looking.
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  1. I'm in the exact same boat. The RAT would be the perfect mouse for me if it wasn't so destined to fall apart. I had my RAT about as wide as it could go so I could palm it like a basketball allowing me to relax my hand and use its weight to move. After developing a ton of issues I bought a Logitech G400 and its back to the hand pain. That and the RAT's dpi switch really spoiled me. The G400 has dpi switch on the fly too but its buttons are problematic. I can't go back to RAT, Logitech palm style mice hurt my long hands, and Razr doesn't use good dpi on the fly switching.
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