My friends laptop is having issues.

A buddies of mines laptop is really laggy, and is having issues. Stuff isn't responding or anything. He used to be able to play league of legends at aprox 100 FPS but now it goes from 100 down to 1-20 every few seconds. He has system restored and done a few other things, virus scans etc.. but with no luck, this has never happened, it just started a few days ago.


Intel(R) Core(TM) i5 CPU M 460 @ 2.53GHz
4GB Ram
Windows 7
ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5650

The laptop is a toshiba, i think.
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  1. Start by testing the hard drive, and if that passes okay, test the RAM modules.

    For both tests you will need to download versions of the testing software which load from a bootable CD, as you can't properly test the Windows hard drive or the RAM using Windows-based software.

    Drive manufacturers supply their own testing software, just make sure you download the version that's for DOS (loads from a bootable CD). Links here:
    You can make a CD from the ISO file using IMGBurn:
    Boot the laptop from that CD and the test user-interface will appear on screen.

    Test the RAM modules with Memtest86+ :
    Again, make the CD from the Memtest ISO CD-image file using IMGBurn.
    Boot the laptop from the CD and Memtest will run automatically.
    Test each RAM module on it's own for 3 passes so that if ram errors are reported you'll know which module it's relating to.
    That will mean physically removing all RAM modules except one, testing it, then replacing that module with another one until they've all been tested.
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