WinXP start up problems, help please

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I'm having problems with my windows XP box. I just upgraded it from win98, i know it wasn't the smartest thing to do, but i had to keep all the files/settings the exact same. Anywho. It's pretty stable except for the startup. Sometimes it freezes, sometimes it reboots or gets blue screens. I need this to be perfectly stable so i need to fix this a.s.a.p. I have all of the latest drivers, although I can't seem to find a via 4n1 for winXP for this board. The specs are below

Mboard - Asus k7v133 bios 1005
Proc- Slot A athlon 700
mem - 256mb, not sure the manufacturer
video - matrox g400 32mb single video
sound - creative labs, older sound card.

I have the latest matrox drivers and I've installed service pack 1. Any suggestions on a fix? Thanks ALOT in advance
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  1. Arent the 4in1´s built into WinXP?
    I´ve heard that you shall not install 4in1´s if you have XP, I think it sounds retarded so if anyone know better please let me know :smile:

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  2. There 4 in 1s in XP. I always use the latest that are out there though. They are good to get you going, but I update after that. The new Hyperion drivers replace the 4 in 1's.

    I never got XP stable without doing a clean load. I have upgraded such as you did, but it leaves to much junk all around. I was nervous about loading clean with XP when it first came out because of the burn I got with ME. I'll say no more there. The only reason I upgraded 98SE with XP was the go back or uninstall it back to XP, if need be. Otherwise I think you need to load clean or you'll always have problems creep up on you.


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