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Tried the printer thread,,but no help ,so far. Just got new Canon Pixma 9000 Mark II photo printer. I have older (?5 years,HP PC Media Center 7640n computer with ,yes,XP windows). New printer manual says i must have a hi-speed USB port on my PC to connect to the Canon Pixma printer. The Canon tech rep was prompt,but could not help. No reply from HP,yet. I think most/all PC's after about 2001 had hi-speed USB ports ?? Will be setting up this weekend. This is " help the Doofus Day ". In advance, thank you for any advice.

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  1. Not sure what your question is, if you are asking if your computer has a USB2 port (AKA hi-speed), yes it will.
  2. there are three speeds of usb.

    usb 1.0
    usb 2.0
    usb 3.0

    while most certainly you do not have 3.0 i would be willing to bet that you do in fact have usb 2.0. remember though that sometimes you need drivers to use 2.0 so if you have problems that would be the first place to look (up to date motherboard drivers).

    my 9 year old pc has usb 2.0.
  3. To all,
    Thank you for replies/support. Indeed the 2.0 USB cable worked with my "old" HP PC with windows XP. Given old PC,XP and DVD disc set up, eight ink load,PHOTO shop software load,,,,,all went well. My first prints were very nice,,,even at only JPEG level. All future photos will be shot RAW. The setup disc had what was NOT in the box,,,that is,,,very good manuals and other support tools. I look forward to moving up from my novice level with this new high end photo printer. Also, just got my supply of various photo print papers from B&H. Very good prices and big selection and very small shipping $'s. Found Amazon ( where I got great price on this $500.retail printer) has just average prices, limites selection AND, rip off shipping & handling costs. Too bad,,, very good web site and prompt shipping.
    Thanks again.
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